Semlak in Banat, Arad County

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Semlak (German)
Semlak (Josephinische)
Szemlak (Hungarian)
Mezősomlyó (Hungarian)
Szemlakháza (Hungarian)
Semlac, RO (Official)

Research & Reference

The neighboring towns:

  • In the west Scheiding (Seitin);

  • in the north Gross (German) and Klein (Hungarian) Pereg;

  • in the east Pecica/Rovine;

  • in the south, (the Banat), Grossdorf (Satu Mare), Sekeschut (Secusigiu) and Perjamosch (Periam).

Heinz Vogel

Genealogical Records
- Church records available at LDS -
119  RO - Semlak: B. 1826-1852, M. 1819-1852, D. 1820-1852.

Fin. parish of Petschka. Dates:
Romanian Orthodox: Birth/Christening/Death: 1834, 1835, 1879, 1886, 1892
Evangelical: Birth/Death: 1863, 1879, 1886

The Roman Catholic Church
The Evangelische (Protestant) (Lutheran) Church

Semlak Germans, for the most part, went to the Evangelische (Lutheran) and Reformierte (Calvinist) churches.  The Semlak Familienbuchen records only a few who were baptized in the Catholic church.  [Rose Mary Keller Hughes]

Semlak Evangelische Lutherans & the Deutsche Evangelische Lutheran Zion Kirche

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania—a Popular Destination for Immigrants from Semlak
Ellis Island Passenger Records, researched and transcribed by Rose Mary Keller Hughes

Semlak Family Books:

The Family Book of the Evangelical Lutheran Community of Semlak contains genealogical data relating to the German Protestant families living there from the time of their settlement in the year 1819 until 2000. Ordering information The parish registers of the Lutheran community of Semlak have been digitized and are available on CD-Rom. The CD comprises registers of births, marriages and deaths from 1819 until 2000, as well as a part of the confirmation register in PDF file format. The data are contained in Zip files. Ordering information
The family book of the Reformed community of Semlak preserves genealogical data of the Reformed families of that parish from the time of their settlement in 1823 until the year 1990.
It contains a large quantity of statistical data, arranged in tabular and in graphic form. This book is out of print but is available as a file.
Semlaker Heimatbrief Books:

Roots and Branches
by Rose Mary Katherine Keller Hughes, 2006

Semlak Family of Rose Mary Keller Hughes
Family Genealogical Tree

Semlak Family of Rose Mary Keller Hughes

Researching Wolf & Fendt families contact Lori (Wolf-Heffner) Straus, Waterloo, Ontario

Haibach Family, Joseph Haibach Photo Collection


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