Semlak in Banat, Arad County

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Semlak (German)
Semlak (Josephinische)
Szemlak (Hungarian)
Mezősomlyó (Hungarian)
Szemlakháza (Hungarian)
Semlac, RO (Official)

Village Chronicles

Words peculiar to Semlak and their equivalent in German
by Semlak Heimatortsgemeinschaft Newsletter

Semlak by Georg Schmidt

Fifty Years After - Part 1 by George Kaiser

Fifty Years After - Part 2 by George Kaiser

Fifty Years After - Part 3 by George Kaiser

Diary of Deportation by Andreas Toth

Weddings in Semlak

Laying to Rest in Semlak

Trip to Semlak 2002 by Rose Mary Keller Hughes

More Semlak Photos @ Snapfish (must register)

Semlak Families of Rose Mary Keller Hughes

Semlak Heimatortsgemeinschaft (H.O.G.) website:

A model of the Evangelische (Lutheran) church in Semlak
It is unknown what event prompted the building of the model,
but the photo is from the archives of Josef Haibach who born in Semlak.

Lutheran church bells ringing in Semlak (turn on your speakers)

Biserica Evanghelica Semlac 2009
Since 15 years we also celebrate an Ecumenical Christmas (the beginning was in our Lutheran Church in 1997)
 - each year in other church of Semlak, with more priests and more choirs. - Walther Sinn, Pfarrer

You may look view it at YouTube also (there are 4 parts, each 15 minutes) :  
Weihnachtskonzert 2011 Semlak - Teil 1/4  -- (

Under the recorded film, you may read the following text in German:  "Ecumenical Christmas concerts" are organized every year in Semlak rotational by the parish churches between Christmas, according to the Western Church, and New Year, according to the Eastern church calendar. On Sunday, the 9th January 2011, after the Christmas 3-d Eastern church calendar, already becoming a traditional event was also held this year. Host this year's 14th Edition was the Evangelical Church of the Augsburg Confession. At this year's ecumenical Christmas concert was attended by clergy and music groups from Arad, Nadlak, Petschka, Großpereg and from the host town Semlak. Also present were representatives of the Romanian-Orthodox, Greek-Catholic, Roman-Catholic, Protestant (Lutheran and Calvin), Pentecost, Ruthenian (Greek-catholik) and Jewish church. They were joined by the traditional carol singers of Marosch-valley, called Dobaschi. The annual Ecumenical Christmas concerts in Semlak give faith communities the opportunity to visit other churches and each other to get closer. It's not just about ecumenism but also to multilingualism. Blessed is the same, but one God, and in one voice. The event was supported by the local government Semlak too. Camera and production: Adrian Ardelean, Arad, January 2011" - Walther Sinn, Pfarrer


Semlak Village Coordinator: Rose Mary Keller Hughes, New York, USA
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