Semlak in Banat, Arad County

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Semlak (German)
Semlak (Josephinische)
Szemlak (Hungarian)
Mezősomlyó (Hungarian)
Szemlakháza (Hungarian)
Semlac, RO (Official)

Semlak Family of Rose Mary Keller Hughes

Family Genealogical Tree

Roots and Branches
by Rose Mary Katherine Keller Hughes, 2006

  The pages are 8.5 x 11", the book is 2" deep and has over 500 pages.
It took me about three years to write it.

1931 Aboard the Deutschland

These were planted in a row along a fence--all of them were huge and stood there like soldiers. Grandpa was so proud of his garden!
That's his daughter, Magdalena, with him.  She was one of my wonderful aunts who was born in Semlak.

My grandparents lived with us and took care of the animals and gardens--Mom and Dad worked outside the house.  We had a cow called Heidi.  Each day Grandpa would take Heidi out to the field--he would have her tethering chain on his hip.  At night he would go to the field and bring her back in for grandma to milk.  Sometimes Grandma accompanied him--they were such dear little (as in 5') people and so devoted to one another.  One day Grandma went out with him and I just had to take the picture--it symbolized so much to me.


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