"History is the memory of things said and done."
 - Carl L. Becker

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Clips from the past

1850 | Executed in Banat and Batschka

1933 | Villages Lorrains En Roumanie

1934 | Villages Lorrains En Roumanie

1939 | Neu-Pasua - Journey to the Other Schwabenland By Johannes Banzhaf 

1941 | Banat in the News: Germans March into Rumania to Eat

1944 | Formerly Secret SS Reports on the Evacuation of German Populations in South Eastern Europe 

1946 Mar 27 | Tito Orders Italian, German Cemeteries Leveled

1946 Nov 16 | Letters of a "Fatherland Priest" - Loose sketches from a priest's life

1946 Nov 23 | Letters of a "Fatherland Priest" - Loose sketches from a priest's life

1947 Nov 14 | A Survivor Story of a Russian Ukraine Slave Labor Camp - A twist of fate for a Donauschwaben-US Born Young Woman - In the wrong place - at the wrong time?

1949 Aug 27 | Father Koloman Moullion, from the Batschka. Appointed new pastor for the German-speaking Catholics in Windsor, Canada

1950 | Too Young for Slave Camps, Escape - The fees were paid and finally we arrived by train at Swift Current, Saskatchewan. ~Alex Leeb

1951 | "The Homeless Ones"

1957 Aug 02 | Dr Lajos Ordass of Torzsa, bishop of the Lutheran Church in Hungary

1959 Jan 5 | Donauschwaben Society/Logan St Club of Cincinnati-OH "Orphans Of History Donauschwaben Find Peace Here After 250 Years Of Fear And Sorrow"

1981 | People of the River - Persecuted in aftermath of World War II, Donauschwaben carry on Interview with Eve Eckert Koehler

1995 Aug 17 'Ethic Cleansing' recalls dirty events of '40s - Mass Graves of Knicanin, Molin, Krusevlje, Jarak, Gakova, Sremska Mitrovica and elsewhere in the Vojvodina.

2003 | Ethnic Germans in the Banat: Forgotten—Yet Timely—History

2005 | Banat Swabians, Danube Swabians and Their Future

2013 | "Dunai Sváb Falvak Segítő Kezei. Kötelékek, amelyek világszerte összefűznek" [HUN] |
 "Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands - The Ties That Bind – Worldwide" was written for the Hungarian "Honismeret" historical journal, in the celebration of the 300th anniversary of the colonization of Danube Swabians. 


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