A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

"The Great Swabian Trek"
Village Settlement Plans For Settlers

The beginnings of the Danube Swabian/Donauschwaben society began during the Swabian Migrations that came to be known as "Der Grosse Schwabenzug" or "The Great Swabian Trek" which occurred in three intervals between the years 1722-1787. This index is organized according to time periods. For detailed historical accounts see our HISTORY section. We hope you find our broad collection of information surrounding each of the three migration waves, written by notable writers, educational and entertaining.

The 1st Swabian Migration (1722 – 1726) under Karl VI

The 2nd Swabian Migration (1763 – 1787) under Maria Theresia

The 3rd Swabian Migration (1782 – 1787) under Joseph II

The Trek Continues . . .

     The 1st Swabian Migration (1722 – 1726) under Karl VI

Claudius Florimundus Count Mercy and the Hӧgyész Domains by Josef Hoben

The Recruitment of Colonists in Germany by Peter Lang

The So-called Settlement Patent by Peter Lang

The Encouragements for the Community on the Strength of the Settlement Patent by Peter Lang

The Swabian Trek to Sathmar by Stefan Schmied

The New Time By Josef Schramm

Settlers Property Lots, Floor Plans & Cost of building a house

The Kameral Settlement Construction Office by Peter Lang

Typical Settlers House includes: Inside a Danube Swabian Home, The Kitchen, Front & Back Courtyards, Furnishings, Water Sources (Well & Schwengelbrunnen), Lighting, Village House Images.

 Living Quarters of the German Settlers by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Furnishings of the Families Settlement Patent by Peter Lang

Josef's settlements in the Batschka and Syrmia by Peter Lang

Swabians in Scheindorf by Stefan Schmied

The Early Colonization of Swabian Turkey by Josef Hoben

The Settlement of Swabian Turkey (Slavic & German Settlements) by Josef Hoben

Where Did the Settlers in Hӧgyész Come From? by Josef Hoben

The Settlement Policies at the Time of the Great Swabian Migration by Josef Hoben

The Structure of the Village by Josef Hoben

The Farm Homestead and Agricultural Pursuits by Josef Hoben

Ancestors of the Settlers by Stefan Schmied

The fruitful land between the Danube & the Theiß By Josef Schramm

SCHMIDT-TOMKA, Gustav: The Early History and Development of the Lutheran Congregations and Church District Of Swabian Turkey in the 18th Century (In 1718, the large-scale immigration of Evangelical Lutherans from Germany into Tolna County began.) Taken from: Beiträge zur Geschichte Des evangelischen Seniorats In der Schwäbischen Türkei

HOBEN, Josef: The Early Colonization of Swabian Turkey - Hӧgyész (Tolna) in the 18th and 19th Century (In 1722, in Regensburg where emigrants from Fulda, Darmstadt and Franconia boarded the ships)

     The 2nd Swabian Migration (1763 – 1787) under Maria Theresia

     The 3rd Swabian Migration (1782 – 1787) under Joseph II


Tax Burden in the Year 1798 by Peter Lang

The First Germans in Feketitsch 1818 by Dr. Viktor Pratscher, 1936

Special Feature: Seven Immigrants from One European Village and a Purdue Tradition That Has Lasted Over 75 Years
   by Michael Schmidt IV, Richard Schicht, and Jane Ehardt Moore

A Portrait of the Settlement of the Hӧgyész Domain by Josef Hoben

People of Feketitsch in Foreign Lands by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Cemeteries by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

Self-sacrifice & Sense of Community by Stefan Schmied

     Post World War I

     Post World War II

The Schaeffer family on their way to Germany after their escape from Gakova. Thank The Lord they all made it out alive. They settled in Germany before coming to the states in the 50's. Gyor, Hungary. ~ Barbara Anne Teves Schaeffer

New: Eve Eckert Koehler - Wrote the first book about the Donauschwaben in English.

New: Our History in Transition by Franz Gaubatz

New: Punctual course of life by Horst Samson

New: The Inter-War Years and the Fate of the Danube Swabians in Yugoslavia by Henry Fischer

New: Recall postwar terror - Interview with Anna Naegele & daughter Rosemary Naegele by Linda Steiner

Evacuation of the Swabians by Stefan Schmied

The Integration in the New Homeland by Peter Lang

The Extermination Camp by Peter Lang - "It was unjust because all Serbs were accused of these crimes"

Scattered throughout the World by Stefan Schmied

We Remember the Victims of War by Stefan Schmied

The Potatoes "Hunger drove us to some unbelievable lengths." by Adam Martini

Everything to Reflect On (Poem) by J. Wolf

War Years by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

The Flight by Andreas Thuro, Sr.

The Escape by Andreas Thuro, Sr.

People of Feketitsch in Foreign Lands by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

My Big Adventure: America by Adam Martini

Franz Schaeffer, Karavokovo, Yugoslavia, was taken from farmer to farmer to work and Tito got his paycheck, just before he was taken to the slave labor camp.  His mother and siblings were in Gakova. ~ Barbara Anne Teves Schaeffer

Kerneier Treffen in Stuttgart 1956 ~ Rosa Serra


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