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03 Apr 2022

Banater Post Nr. 4, February 20, 2022
Nikolaus Tullius new autobiographical book of memories.

Review by Hans Gehl
Original in German (PDF)




2021-2022 DVHH Board of Directors

Jody McKim Pharr, President, GA
Dennis Bauer, Vice President, PA
Rachel Lanning, Secretary, AR
Norbert Giesse, Treasurer, NY
Roy Engel, Director, CAN

2021 Outgoing Administration

A special thank you to our outgoing Administration for their "year(s)" of service:

~ Rita Tompkins, Director, NY
Board of Directors 2017-2021
Membership Newsletter Editor 2014-2021

~ Bev Franks, Director, CAN
Board of Directors 2020-2021


As of 2022 Feb 23

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02 Feb 2021

Clips from the past



Winter 2020 Updates
29 Nov 2020

Banat Village Videos
by Walter FIssl
Full-length videos are available



Fall 2020 Updates
25 Oct 2020

New Articles in our History Section:

All by Henry Fischer

Le Comte de Mercy: Godfather of the Danube Swabians

A Watershed in the Danube Swabian History

Formerly Secret SS Reports on the Evacuation of German Populations in South Eastern Europe

The Lost Danube Swabian Children of Yugoslavia
Janitscharen? ~a must read!




Our long-time
Werbass / Alt-Werbass
04 Sep 2006 - 23 Feb 2020
 Coordinator has retired.

Thank you Jakob Götz(Goetz)
for your service and contributions
through the years


Both of our long-time
Slavonia Coordinators have retired.

Thank you Robin Grube and Zeljko Lekšić
for your service and contributions
through the years!
Feb 2020


The Sekitsch Camp
From the book:
Sekitsch - Erlebte Heimat"
by Philipp Sandles
Translated by Brad Schwebler




Posted March 2, 2020

Hans Dama and the Banat Encyclopedia

The Timişoara branch of the Romanian Academy of Sciences invited Hans Dama to work as a contributor to the "Banat Encyclopedia" (“Enciclopedia Banatului") to coordinate the contributions on various topics such as educational institutions, educational systems, history, church, art, tourism, administration, folklore, science, etc. as well as German personalities from the undivided Banat, with the help of compatriots from various expert groups. Dama sees this as an opportunity to present more deserving Banater personalities and their merits to the cause of Banat Germans in the encyclopedia and thus also familiarize the Romanian-speaking readers with them. ~Nick Tullius

Well deserved Hans!


Posted March 2, 2020

Welcome to our newest volunteer!

2020 Mar 2 - ANNOUNCEMENT!
The DVHH has a new Hungarian Highlands Coordinator!

Welcome Lil Vogl!

It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you Lilien Vogl, who has taken on the position as a Regional Coordinator for the Hungarian Highlands.  She is extremely knowledgeable regarding the Hungarian Highlands, and has done extensive research in that area.  She is particularly well versed in the area of Veszprem County, where her grandparents were born.  She has traced her family back to the 1750s, and has traveled to her ancestral village of Lokut, Veszprem County.  She is looking forward to sharing her extensive knowledge of this area with others.  She currently resides in Phoenix Arizona.  

You can read more about her by viewing her bio at the following link: www.dvhh.org/community/reg-regional-coor.html#Lillien-Vogl 

Lilien’s enthusiasm and knowledge of this area will be a great asset to DVHH.  Please join me in welcoming Lilien to her new position. ~Dan Sedley, Volunteer Director

We welcome Lil to her new position!.



2020 Rootsweb Mail lists are being discontinued March 2, 2020,
an end of a wonderful era!
Darlene Dimitrie, the current mail list administrator, has secured DVHH a new platform at Groups.IO. It is email based.
Darlene has tentatively set Jan 29, 2020 as our LAUNCH day!  After that date, it will be our way to communicate with all Rootsweb subscribers as they are all moving to Groups.IO.  ALL Volunteers and DVHH Members: If you receive an invitation via email to join the new group at IO, please sign up via the email message.
It is preferred that you respond asap,, thank you.
Jan 25 is the last day to post DVHH related stuff on the Rootsweb list. Rootsweb will be retaining DVHH archives
2003-2020 for future reference. 

2019-2020 DVHH Board of Directors:

President Darlene Dimitrie
Vice President Jody McKim Pharr
Secretary Jeff Rau
Treasurer Norbert Giesse
Directors Roy Engel, Dan Sedley, Rita Tomkins

Thank you to our former president, Dan Larson, and treasurer, Noelle Giesse for years of service!

  • Membership Registrar Jeff Rau
  • Director of Volunteer Services Dan Sedley
  • Mail List Administrators Gina Butrico, Darlene Dimitrie
  • Facebook Administrators Dan Larson, Noelle Giesse
  • Guestbook Administrator & Archivist Darlene Dimitrie
  • Publisher and Webmaster Jody McKim Pharr
  • Newsletter Editor Rita Tomkins
  • Recipe Coordinator Anne Dreer Editor Rose Vetter
  • Director of Genealogical Research Tom Myers
  • Genealogical Research Assistant & Librarian Loretta Alfano
  • Submissions/Content Manager & Archivist Joe Matye
  • DP Camps Coordinators Franz Bohn, Anne Dreer
  • Obituary Coordinator Dennis Bauer
  • Editors and Translators Nick Tullius, Rose Vetter
  • Public Relations Contacts Beth Tolfree, Dennis Bauer, Nick Tullius

To recently retired directors Rose Vetter (2011-2017), Mary Regan (2011-2017), and the late John Kornfeind (2007-2017), thank you for your many years of service to the DVHH!



Posted October 11, 2018

Welcome to our newest volunteer!

Sarah Coraggio

2018 Oct 17 - ANNOUNCEMENT!
Finally, the DVHH has a designated Sathmar Coordinator!

Sarah Coraggio of Kent, WA has volunteered to be the Coordinator for Sathmar, the FIRST ever!; and soon after assumed the role of the Web Editor.

Sarah will be bringing life to a neglected area of the DVHH as she develops new content to the Sathmar webpages and developing relationships with other Sathmar researchers. More about Sarah. ~Dan Sedley, Volunteer Director

We welcome Sarah to her new position!.


New Lookup Additions

Jeff Rau
Familienbuch (Kutzura - Ein Dorf in der Batschka by Christine Kaltenecker, published in 2008)

Dan Sedley
Bogarosch, Familienbuch Bogarosch im Banat, 1768-2017, by Ragnar Schmidt and Ewald Spang, published in 2017 by Heimatortsgemeinschaft Bogarosch



Historical & Current Donauschwaben Periodicals & Publications

Donauschwäbischer Kalenders






Mein Heimatland, Banaterland
Text by Peter Jung, music by Josef Linster and Wilhelm Ferch.
This was recorded live during a public concert on Dec 16, 1983,
by the Franz-Schubert Chor, Temeswar, conducted by Franz Metz.
We can enjoy this beautiful song thanks to Nick Tullius,
who contributed the audio and the below English translation.
Below/left is the original words from the poem by Peter Jung.
Sheet music contributed by Jody McKim Pharr. Published at DVHH.org, 5 Jul 2012.


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