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In Temeschburg, the telegraph was introduced in 1854, railway in 1856, gas lighting in 1857, horse streetcar in 1859 and telephone in 1881. The building of the power plant in 1884 made Temeschburg the first town in Europe where street lighting and then, in 1899, the powered streetcar were introduced.
Count Mercy
Banat Colonizer & Governor

When we Danube Swabians remember this important man, we
do it because we are honoring his work and the work of our ancestors, the German settlers of the Banat. Both achievements indeed belong together. [Full Article]:

Florimund Claudius Graf Mercy (1666-1734) ~ "Count Mercy, Colonizer & Governor", By Wilhelm Reiter

The Banat – a “Penal Colony“ of Maria Theresia? By Dr. Hans Dama

Temeschburg in Battle Against the Turkish Yoke By Anton Zollner

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French & German Settlers from Alsace-Lorraine, Luxembourg & Trier - includes 106 family names & a small list with statements of origin By Peter Schiff (Mercydorf)

The History of the German Lutheran Congregations In the Banat By Hans Walther

From the West to the East and from the East to the West: identity avatars of the French Banaters By Smaranda Vultur

An Englishman Travels the Banat (mid-1800s) By John Paget

Old Homeland Postal Service By Anton Zollner

Source Book for Romanian Postal History

Banat in the News: Germans March into Rumania to Eat [Newspaper Article 1941]



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