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Temeschburg Fabrikstadt Elisabetstadt Josefstadt Mehala Fratelia Freidorf


Timisoara's VI quarter

German: Fratelia, Neu-Kischoda

Hungarian: Újtesöld, Tejtesöld

Official: Fratelia (now part of Timisoara, Romania)


Genealogical research in Temeswar/Temesvar/Temeschburg is very difficult, because the town had 6 quarters (what I call suburbs) Fabrikstadt, Elisabetstadt, Josefstadt, Franzstadt, Fratelia, Freidorf; and each quarter had their own Roman Catholic parish.  And keep in mind, in 1900 there were nearly 60,000 inhabitants.  With Temeschburg being the largest town in Banat, it was like a metropolitan city for transitional residents.  Although there were many families who were rooted there for over a hundred years, there were also many people moving around each year.   To give you an idea how difficult it is to research in the Temeswar area, consider the information I received last week.....

The Church Book of Fratelia is beginning about 1932, the entries before then were made in Elisabethin / Elisabetstadt, there they started in 1919, and the years before 1919, the habitants of Fratelia had to go to Freidorf, but a lot of them didn't want to because the way was longer to travel than to go to Josefin.  The informant goes on to say, "That was perhaps the reason, why I now found the birth of my grandmother and her siblings in Josefin / Josefstadt (from 1895 to 1905), although the birth certificate said, they lived in Tesöld (Fratelia).  But with this new knowledge I luckily found the baptism of my father (born in 1917 in Fratelia) in Freidorf!  I also was searching for a very long time to find the death record of my grandmother and found her in the index of Freidorf!"
[Anni Lorenz -17 Jul 2006]



District of the Banater metropolis Temeschburg

A memory of newly-Kishoda and Besenyö-Telep

6. Bezirk der Banater Metropole Temeschburg
Eine Erinnerung an Neu-Kishoda und Besenyo-Telep

Book Published 1998

Written by Franziska Graf H.O.G.

H.O.G. Fratelia Chairman:
Graf, Franziska
Maisthuber Str. 19
85053 Ingolstadt
0841 / 94 06 24

Reinhold E. Jung, Temeswar-Fratelia, Vers.-kaufmann BWV, Wilhelmstr. 154, 89518 Heidenheim, Vorsitzender des Kreisverbandes Heidenheim, Kassenwart der HOG Temeschburg e.V., reini-jung@web.de

Banater Rosmarein



Street Map of Fratelia / Neu-Kishoda

Street Map of Fratelia / Neu-Kishoda

Fratelia Fire-brigade 1929

The fire extinguishers 1938


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- Eine Erinnerung an Neu-Kishoda und Besenyo-Telep
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