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Place of the 1989 Revolution

The quarter/suburb "Meierhöfe” in 1773 received honors of the Emperor Josef II, to the name Josefstadt.

The development of this quarter was important for the station and the port at the Bega channel.

Coming from the city center, crossing at the Central Park and past the Trajansbrücke, one arrives into the Josefstadt.



The Romanian Revolution began with a small protest in the town of Timisoara on 16-17 December 1989.

On 20 December, when some 50,000 people again took to the streets in Timisoara, most of the army troops present sided with the protesters. When word of the army revolt reached Ceausescu, he showed no signs that he was willing to offer concessions. Instead, he prepared for a long siege. What he did not expect was that less than 48 hours later he would be faced with a mass rebellion that would come on so quickly and with such force that it would stun not only Ceausescu himself but the whole world.

Here began the Revolution which brought an end to the Dictatorship 15 Dec 1989

Josefstadt, the Stadtteil "Die neuen Meierhöfe"

Photos taken May 2004, Jody McKim


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