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A few words from the Village Coordinator:

Growing up I always heard my grandparents came from a village called Feketitsch somewhere in Yugoslavia.  Only recently did I discover that the neighboring village of Sekitsch, an older village, was the place where some of my ancestors came from before they moved to Feketitsch. So far I have received the Ortsippenbuch for Sekitsch which offers a wealth of family data for Sekitsch as well as some family data for Feketitsch.  

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Village Information & Resources

Sekitsch is in the Batschka (maps)

Village name in language variants

  • Official name: Lovcenac, Yugoslavia
  • German: Sekitsch, Yugoslavia
  • Hungarian: Szeghegy, Yugoslavia

Dialect variants: 

  • Sekics, Yugoslavia
  • Szegegyház, Yugoslavia
  • Winkelsberg, Yugoslavia

Earliest German Settlement: Village Location: Sekitsch is now located in Yugoslavia near Topola, situated in the Batschka region located west of the Tisza River and east of the Danube River (western part of Vojvodina, Serbia).

Population in 1880 was 3,395

Churches & Records:

  • Evangelical Lutheran/Bánya diocese.
  • Sekitsch was the location of a prisoner camp for Germans held by Partisans during WW II.
  • FHL Census Microfilm: Szeghegy in 1828: 622968. Evangelical parish books said to be preserved in their entirety in the state office in the town.

Dave Dreyer Passenger Extractions for Batschka

Village Heimatortsgemeinschaften - H.O.G.: [organization of former residents]
Feketitsch H.O.G. Chairman:

Oswald Hartmann is an expert on Sekitsch and Batschka and are a valuable resource.  I am glad he will be Village Associate for the Sekitsch Website. Herr Hartmann is Editor-in-Chief of Donautal Magazin and he has a special section in the magazine called Sekitscher Bote. 

Bus Trip to Sekitsch and Feketisch 2006


History & Related Articles

Excerpts from Ortsippenbuch Sekitsch
by Philipp Hartmann, 1860 - includes:

  • History of the Village

  • Position of the Village

  • Means of Communication

  • Mountain Range

  • Products, Business Activity

  • Sekitsch Section IV

  • The People

Szeghegy (Sekitsch) "in the first century of its existence" by Johan Jauß / Jausz. 
I would like to give special thanks to Marie Jenner for pages of the book to me for translation . . Brad.

Peter Max Wagner, founder of Hilfswerk der Donauschwaben
  from Sekitsch in the Batschka, founder of Hilfswerk der Donauschwaben
  Submitted by Richard Wagner / Translated by Brad Schwebler

Specifications of goods and tools, which will be supplied to a colonist
Contributed by Brigitte Wolf / Translated by Rosina Schmidt

Joseph Platter's Petition Contributed by Brigitte Wolf / Translated by Rosina Schmidt

Orphans Foundation - 1873 Doctrine for the Orphans of Szeghegy (Sekitsch)
Contributed by Brigitte Wolf / Translated by Rosina Schmidt

The Colonial Families of Sekitsch by Friedrich Lotz


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Sekitsch Coordinator

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