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Bus Trip to Sekitsch and Feketisch 2006

"Translated from Oswald Hartmann's Sekitscher Bote"

Please use the attached form to register which is the English version
of the German-language jpg.

In cooperation with the towns of Feketisch and Lovcenac, the “Donautal-Magazin” has organized a bus trip for August 2006 back to our home towns. We will not only jointly visit our villages and commemorate the founding of Sekitsch 220 years ago, but also do some sightseeing in the Batschka. For this reason, we will stay in Subotica this time and undertake daily trips form there after breakfast. The exact itinerary will be made public after the [Sekitscher] annual meeting. Above all, we want to take walks through the town and show it to the generations following us.

The planned bus trip will take place:

From Tuesday, August 24, 2006
Until Wednesday, August 30, 2006.

The trip will last seven days and will take place if at least 30 people participate.

Deadline is Monday, July 3, 2006.

The price per person is:

510 Euros (five hundred and ten)
Extra for single room: 100 Euros

The price includes: the trip down and back in a 4-star bus (WC, air conditioning, refrigerator, kitchen, video), hotel stays with breakfast, transportation by bus for the entire trip, and German-language guide.

To register, kindly transmit a deposit of 10% of the price (=51 Euros) to the bank connection for Oswald Hartmann:

Account No. 8965 240 at the
Kreissparkasse Ludwigsburg (BLZ 64 500 50)

In the event that not enough people register, the deposit will be refunded.
The remainder is due July 3, 2006.

As soon as the details are known, each participant will receive a detailed itinerary after the deadline. It will contain addresses and the events for each day. Every participant will have to have a valid passport upon entry into Serbia.  One should also arrange for traveler’s health insurance.

It will be possible to board the bus in: Massenbachhausen near Heilbronn, the main railroad station in Stuttgart and Ulm, and all rest stops along the autobahn Stuttgart, Munich, Salzburg, Vienna.

"Please use the attached form to register," which is the English version of the German-language jpg]

For an account of the August 2005 trip (in English and German), visit:

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