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Mercydorf (Mercyfalva, named after the Lorraine general Mercy, who commanded the forces in the Banat) a small village founded 1735 only by Italians (the only Italian settlement in the Banat) received substantial reinforcement, repeated same in a second massive effort between 1763 and 1766.  In 1756 Mercydorf consisted of a single street and provided shelter for 21 families from Lorraine.  Because of further arrivals during the 1769-71 period, other streets had to be built and Mercydorf became substantially "French."  Upper Lorraine, which originally had a German population, was "Frenchicised" early on.  Occupied by the French in the Polish Succession War, the duchy was taken from the husband of Maria Theresia by the Vienna Peace Treaty of 1738 (he received Tuscany in its place) and given as sinecure to the Polish ex-king Stanislaus Leszczinsky, a protegee of France.  In accordance with the Treaty, Upper Lorraine reverted to France after Stanislaus’ death in 1766.   The extensive feudal estates of Falkenberg (Faulque Mont), Forbach, Püttlingen (Puttelanges) and Mörchingen (Morhange) were added. Some districts of Luxemburg were also given to France (e.g., the free holding Rollingen in 1769).  Read more: The Colonization of the Banat Following its Turkish Occupation - With particular emphasis on emigration from Lorraine and Luxemburg (Southern Belgian province of Luxemburg)

Did you know, of all the Banat villages, the church which lies furthest from the center of the village, i.e. at the edge of the village, is found in Mercydorf. Excerpt from "Donauschwäbischer Volkskalender" of 1924 By Prof. Nischbach: Our Danube Swabian Banat Villages Have Their Own Character

Did you know, the 6th richest person in Romania lives in Carani? Nikolaus Mann, a mill owner with 10 million dollars. (Allgemeine Deutsche Zeitung für Rumänien 2003)

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Researcher Stephen Marchese seeks information about his Müller / Muller & Spetka Families of Mercydorf

16 Oct 2010 - The Mercydorf Familienbuch Vol I. 1735-1832/43; produced by the AKdFF 2010: 640 pages, hardcover. Order Information

16 Oct 2010 - New Part 1:  Villages Lorrains En Yougoslavie
by André Rosambert, 1933
L'Illustration (French Magazine)
, 01 Apr 1933 N. 4700
Article of interest to Banaters, and all those who have roots from the Lorrain area.
A focus on Saint-Hubert, Charleville and Seultour.

16 Oct 2010 - New Part 2:  Villages Lorrains En Roumanie
by André Rosambert, 1934
L'Illustration (French Magazine)
, 24 Nov 1934 - Issue N. 4786
Article of interest to Banaters, and all those who have roots from the Lorrain area.
A focus on Triebswetter, Charlesville and Soultour and Mercydorf. 

August 2006 - Mercydorf Catholic Church Renovation

photo taken by Dieter Scherer

April 2006 - Bianka Berger (H.O.G.)
My trip to Mercydorf was good but the weather was not so good.  It rained 48 hours without a break, and all the fields were full from the rainwater.  Mercydorf was nice but it isn't the village in which I left in 1989.   The cemetery was okay.  The church clock is in need of repair, which repairs will take money, for the old people it isn't easy to find the money.  I should tell you greetings from the Hermann's. 

Mercydorf Church Records Update


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Mercydorf 1734-1934 by Peter Schiff,
Beiträge zur Geschichte der Gemeinde Mercydorf. Publisher: Sonntagsblatt, Timisoara 1934. 80 S. (Mercydorf 1734-1934. Contributions for the history of the municipality Mercydorf.)

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