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World War I and Mercydorf
Data from
section XII. Mercydorf & the World War (1914-1918) Deaths in book
Mercydorf 1734-1934 by Peter Schiff / Translated by Brad Schwebler

Here is the special memorial which the men erected who themselves participated in the great people’s struggle which the fatherland must bring the demanded sacrifices in true German loyalty.  Our community has also taken its proper share of this terrible sacrifice as 143 of the best men from the ranks were placed at the disposal of the fatherland in the course of this bloody war, of which 40 of them died in the field a soldier’s honor.  The community was proud of its sons who were excellent in war competence and well solved problems in battle and many of the men called up attained the highest ranks of the non-commissioned officers.

The community and each of those survived this terrible war always felt that one must also outwardly show recognition for these former heroes and therefore we also wanted the names of those in our short history who died immortalized which themselves had been bravely hit when they opposed the resistance of the enemy on the homeland grounds with genuine Swabian reserves in the different war theatres of the World War at the side of their German brothers from the motherland.  And the families who had given the brave fighting soldiers from the homeland soil could be proud of this blood relationship, the accomplished work which the Swabian warriors of the Banat homeland had achieved, and at no time forgot, not only for eternity but also handed down to the coming generations!  An eternal, respectable memorial to our fallen war heroes, only half of which came back healthy from the battlefields, a dignified acknowledgement of those warriors is certain and we are still pleased to have it in the midst of our earthly lives today!  And all of the inhabitants in the community here are especially thankful who have made their little contribution for a proper memorial today!

(Kom.: Temesch-Torontal; Kr. Winga)

Germans: 1910 1304 87.50% 1930 1263 82% 1940 -1304    

Persons who died during WW-I
Data from section XII. Mercydorf 1734-1934 by Peter Schiff
Chart translated by Alex Leeb

Surname Given Date of birth Date of death Location of death
1 Berger Jakob      
2 Eisenbeil Adam      
3 Dürr Jakob b.1884 d.16.10.1916 Karpatem
4 Ferich Leonhard b.1898 d.31.10.1918  18 Fiume
5 Friedl Josef      
6 Hermann Adam      
7 Herz Peter      
8 Hübchen Johann      
9 Hübchen Josef      
11 Jung Johann      
10 Jünger Johann b.1887 Gertianosch d.17.05.1917 Italy
12 Kade Jakob      
13 Kasparek Leonhard b.1890 d.31.05.1919 Temeschburg
14 Kasparek Peter b.1886 d.02.11.11915 Sosnow.
15 Kolocsar Michael      
16 Kotzian Johann      
17 Krauß Franz b.1896 d.25.12.1919 at home
18 Loriß Michael      
19 Müller Albert      
20 Neumann Ferdinand      
21 Peterweiler Josef      
22 Reich Filip b.1895 d.29.10.1918 Vittoria--Italy
23 Reiter Johann b.1890 d.17.08.1914 Pschemisl-Galicia
24 Schmidt Albert      
25 Schmidt Josef      
26 Schmitzs Peter b.1888 Perjamosch d.06.12.1916 Hodzsen
27 Seibert Peter      
28 Speichermann Jakob      
29 Stepper  Adam b.1877 missing 02.01.1916 Raranceä Buchenland
30 Svoboda Adam      
31 Szeity Ferdinand      
32 Teufel Michael      
33 Thar Ferdinand      
34 Tritz Josef      
35 Uitz Josef b1896 d.27.04.1917 17 Arad
36 Wegel Heinrich      
37 Willkomm Gustav b.1886 d.04.10.1918 Asinara
38 Wingron Filip      
39 Würtz Michael      

Namen entnommen aus Beiträge zur Geschichte Merczydorf- von Dr. Peter Schiff.

World War II - Mercydorf Enlistees in the German Army
Data contributed by Alex Leeb

Surname Given Date of birth Date of death Location of death
1 Bäumchen Johann b.04.10.1925 d.04.06.1944 Yugoslavia
2 Dürr Josef b.30.11.1909 d19.01.1945 5 Budapest-Hungary.
3 Eienne Josef b.28.11.1923 d.02.02.1944 44 Russia
4 Fisch Jakob b.11.09.1924 d.00.02.1945 Budapest-Hungary
5 Fixner Philipp b.1924 d. missing
6 Focht Johann b.13.09.1924 d  
7 Fritz Martin b.09.03.1918 18 Sanktmartin  
8 Gerold Nikolaus b.04.10.1922 d.22.10.1945 missing in Schied-Yugoslavia
9 Göbler Philipp b.13.12.1911 d.  
10 Groß Josef b.20.01.1920 d.1945 Budapest-Hungary.
11 Helfrich Josef b20.09.1909 d.1945 missing
12 Holz Martin b.30.10.1919 d.  
13 Kade Jakob b.17.03.1909 d1945 Danzig-Memel
14 Kämpf Stefan b.26.10.1926 26 d.1943 Schimand
15 Kindling Josef b.03.10.1927 d.11.11.1944 Lublin-Poland
16 Kindling Michael b.22.03.1920 d.  missing
17 Klugesherz Nikolaus b.28.03.1914 d. 1943 Kaukasus-Russia
18 Kotzian Jakob b.08.10.1920 d.1945 Berlin
19 Kreiling Konrad b.25.11.1912 d.02.04.1945 Graz-Austria
20 Krischanitz Michael b.1924 d.1944 Narwa-Estland
21 Leichnam Adam b.13.12.1919 d. missing Russia
22 Leichnam Josef b.23.02.1915 d.00.02.1942 Kaukausus-Russia
23 Leichnam Mathias b.11.11.1921 d. 1945 Germany
24 Ludwig Mathias b.31.05.1915 d. missing
25 Majoschi Leonhard b.19.04.1925 d.07.02.1944 Narwa-Eastland
26 Meis Franz b.07.03.1921 d.09.04.1949 Russia, camp 5364
27 Meixner Johann b.10.12.1924 d 1944 Narwa-Estland
29 Müller Hans b.11.11.1811 d.  
28 Muller jun Hans b.07.04.1922 d  
30 Petz Michael b.01.03.1923 d.1944 Russia
31 Rung Georg b.13.06.1902 d.1944 Russia
32 Schick Michael b.30.07.1915 d.1944 Yugoslavia.
33 Schmelzer Michael b.1920 d1944 Russia
34 Schmidt Josef b23.09.1926 d. Yugoslavia.
35 Schneider Franz b.05.05.1916 d.07.05.1944 44 Narwa-Estland
36 Schweninger Franz b.07.09.1922 d.00.04.1945 45 Delitz.
37 Sekei Josef b.1917 d.  
38 Thar Ferdinand b.12.05.1900 d.00.05.1945 Berlin
39 Unterweger Josef b.15.03.1909 d.12.02.1945 45 Budapest-Hungary
40 Wagner Michael 04.11.1920 d.26.07.1941 Jelnja-Russia
41 Weißgerber r Ludwig b.14.05.1915 d.16.12.1946 46  in prison-Russia.
42 Zornek Josef b.02.01.1916 d.1944 Russia

World War II - Mercydorf Enlistees in the Romanian Army
Data contributed by Alex Leeb

Surname Given Date of birth Date of death Location of death
1 Bartlong Ferdinand b.08.02.1920 d.1942 Stalingard-Russia
2 Berger Jakob b.10.12.1920 d.02.08.1942 42 Mercydorf
3 Blum Josef b20.05.1919 d.1942 Stalingard-Russia
4 Brunter Michael b.16.01.1910 d. 1942 Tiraspol-Russia
5 Erntner Josef b.1918 d. Russia
6 Etienne Leonhard b.01.08.1914 d.1942 Russia
7 Hübschen Michael b.30.07.1920 d 13.11.1942 Stalingrsad-Russia
8 Petz Michael b.03.04.1921 d13.11.1942 Stalingrsad-Russia
9 Reberger Stefan b.1911 d.1841 Tiraspol-Russia
10 Renner Franz b.23.03.1919 d.08.10.1941 Stalina-Russia
11 Ritter Hans b.17.09.1913 d.1942 missing in Russia
12 Schipper Josef b. d. Russia
13 Schmelzer Ludwig-M. b01.06.1914 d.1942 Russia-Pioner-Batl.27.III
14 Warth Heinrich b.03.05.1914 d.1942 missing in Russia
15 Warth Peter b.03.05.1914 d.1942 Bukarest

World War II - Mercydorf Deportees to Russia Coal Mines
Data contributed by Alex Leeb

Surname Given Date of birth Date of death Location of death
1 Allar Rosina b.1919 d.1946 Stalino-Russia
2 Andre Josef b.22.09.1900 d Russia
3 Berger Johann b.1906 d.20.02.1948  Mercydorf
5 Bien jun. Josef b.1928 d.1946 Germany
4 Bien sen. Josef b.14.04.1903 d.1946 Stalino-Russia
6 Billo Jakob b.20.02.1899 d.12.11.1945 Mercydorf
7 Bischof Jakob b. d.1945 Stalino-Russia
8 Braun Marttin b.29.04.1900 d.28.02.1945 Stalino-Russia
9 Budai Anna b.29.041921 d.25.01.1950 Mercydorf
10 Dürr Jakob b.20.08.1914 d.12.02.1945 Mercydorf
11 Ehrenreich Elisabeth b. d.05.02.1947 Stalino-Russia - while returning from Russia
12 Eichert Franz b. d.  
13 Erntner Martin b.1920 d.1945 Stalino-Russia
14 Fedrich Michael b.1904 d.04.04.1946 Mercydorf
15 Fischer Martin b. d.23.11.1945 Mercydorf
16 Friedl Adam b.1926 d.30.12.1945 Russia
17 Friedl Mathias b.1927 d.1946 Stalino-Russia
18 Friedrich Nikolaus b.13.02.1901 d.04.12.1945 Russia
19 Gabriel Josef b.31.07.1907 d.18.12.1947 Germany.
20 Gerold Franz b.20.09.1928 d.02.03.1946 Mercydorf
21 Göbler Anna b.08.02.1914 d.23.02.1947 Austria
22 Günthere Josef b.1908 d.14.01.1946 Makievka-Russia
23 Helfrich Rosina b.29.10.1913 d.04.04.1946 Stalino-Russia
24 Hepp Mathias b.09.10.1913 d.1945 Russia
25 Hepp Martin b.08.05.1905 d.09.11.1945 Mercydorf
26 Hertz Ferdinand b.06.02.1902 d.11.10.45 Russia
27 Hübchen Leonhard b.23.10.1897 d.00.111947 Russia
28 Hübchen Susanne b.1925 d.1946 Stalino-Russia
29 Huffert Josef b.17.08.1899 d.05.01.1945 Makievka-Russia
30 Kanzler Michael b.06.10.1904 d.28.04.1946 Stalino-Russia
31 Kiefer Liesa b.1928 d.1946 Stalino-Russia
32 Kindling jr Josef b.06.03.1927 d.1945 Stalino-Russia
33 Kindling sr Josef b.1900 d.28.06.1946 Mercydorf
34 Krämer Adam b.1914 d.11.11.1945 Russia
35 Krämer Hans b.25.11.1929 d.00.02.1946 Makievka-Russia
36 Kraus Josef b.13.09.1929 d.18.09.1947 Makievka-Russia
37 Kunst Katharina b.01.11.1922 d.03.07.1945 Stalino-Russia
38 Leichnam Stefan b.1898 d.1951 Mercydorf
39 Ludwig Maria b.192- d.1945 Stalino-Russia
40 Mayer Jakob b.12.05.1899 d.07.11.1945 Stalino-Russia
41 Mettler Ferdinand b.06.03.1901 d.02.01.1946 Stalino-Russia
42 Minich Elisabeth b.17.12.1917 d.00.05.1947 Russia
43 Müller Anna b.1928 d.10.08.1945 Makievka-Russia
44 Müller Elisabeth b.1921 d. Makievka-Russia
45 Neumann Juliana b.24.04.1917 d.15.05.1946 Stalino-Russia
46 Rentje Franz b.28.03.1899 d.01.10.1945 Stalino-Russia
47 Retter Franz b.05.10.1900 d.1945 Stalino-Russia
48 Schmidt Peter b.16.01.1899 d.29.01.1947 Russia
49 Schneider Elisabeth b. d.00.10.1946 Russia
50 Stein Johann b .1928 d.1946 on the return trip
51 Tremmel Friedrich b.29.03.189- d. Russia
52 Welsch Andreas b.22.10.1898 d.14.111.1945 Mercydorf
53 Wick Josef b.03.01.1902 d.18.04.1947 Stalino-Russia
54 Zaharias Mathias b.01.11.1905 d.06.01.1945 Makievka-Russia
55 Zeli Hans b.22.07.1926 d.1945 Stalino-Russia

World War II - Mercydorf Victims of Air Attack
Data contributed by Alex Leeb

Surname Given Date of birth Date of death Location of death


Silier Peter b d.1944 Temeschburg.

World War II - Mercydorf Forced Labor Deaths - Monument & Transcription 1942-1945
Images at the Mercydorf Catholic Church, Sept 2005 by Jody McKim
Transcription by Andrea Ballreich & Diana Lambing. Published 16 July 2006

click images to enlarge


Allar Rosina 1919
Berger Johann 1906
Bien Josef 1903
Bien Josef 1928   
Billo Jakob 1899
Bischof Jakob 1912
Braun Martin 1900
Buday Anna 1921
Eichert Franz 1928
Fedrich Michael 1904
Fischer Michael 1900
Friedl Adam 1920
Friedl Mathias 1927
Friedrich Nikolaus 1901
Gabriel Josef 1907
Gerold Franz 1928
Göbler Anna 1914
Günther Josef 1908
Helfrich Rosina 1913
Hepp Katharina 1915
Hepp Martin 1905
Hepp Mathias 1904
Herz Ferdinand  
Hübchen Leonhard 1897
Hübchen Susanna 1924
Huffert Josef  
Kanzler Michael 1904
Kiefer Liesa 1928
Kindling Josef 1899
Kindling Josef 1928
Kraus Josef 1929
Kremer Adam 1914
Kremer Johann 1929
Kunst Katharina 1921
Larosch Johann 1899
Ludwig Maria 1922
Maier Jakob 1899
Mettler Ferdinand 1901
Minich Elisabetha 1917
Müller Anna 1928
Neumann Julianna 1917
Retter Franz 1900
Rintye Franz 1899
Schneider Elisabetha 1923
Schweninger Josef 1922
Stein Hans 1928
Welsch Andreas 1898
Wick Josef 1902
Zaharias Mathias 1905
Zehli Johann 1926

World War II - Mercydorf Soldier Deaths 1942-1945 - Monument & Transcription
Images at the Mercydorf Catholic Church, Sept 2005 by Jody McKim
Transcription by Andrea Ballreich & Diana Lambing. Published 16 July 2006 

click image to enlarge

Bartlong Ferdinand 1920
Bäumchen Johann 1925
Berger Jakob 1920
Blum Josef 1919
Brunter Michael 1910
Dürr Josef 1909
Erntner Josef 1918
Etchen Leonhard 1914
Etien Josef 1923
Fisch Jakob 1924
Fixmer Filip 1924
Focht Johann 1924
Fritz Adam 1913
Fritz Martin 1918
Gerold Nikolaus 1922
Göbler Filip 1911
Gross Josef 1920
Helfrich Josef 1909
Herz Ferdinand 1902
Holz Martin 1919
Hübchen Michael 1920
Huffert Josef 1898
Just Leonhard 19..
Kade Jakob 1909
Kämpf Stefan 1926
Kindling Michael 1920
Kindling Josef 1922
Klugesherz Nikolaus 1914
Kotzian Jakob 1920
Kreiling Konrad 1912
Krischanitz Michael 1924
Leichnam Josef 1915
Leichnam Mathias 1921
Leichnam Adam 1919 
Ludwig Mathias 1914
Maioschi Leonhard 1925
Mathis Nikolaus 1914
Meixner Johann 1924
Minich Josef 1910
Müller Johann 1911
Müller Johann 1922
Nuber Heinrich 1908
Petz Michael 1921
Petz Michael 1923
Renner Franz 1919
Reperger Stefan 1911
Ritter Hans 1913
Rung Georg 1902
Schick Michael 1915
Schipper Josef 1917
Schmelzer Michael 1920
Schmidt Peter 1926
Schneider Franz 1916
Seickei Josef 1917
Thar Ferdinand 1900
Unterweger Josef 1909
Wagner Michael 1920
Warth Heinrich 1914
Warth Peter 1914
Weisgerber Ludwig 1914
Zornek Josef 1916


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