in Banat, founded in 1734 & remained a German Banat village until 1988


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Count Claude Florimond Mercy and

Mercydorfs' Poets

Josef Gabriel | Peter Schiff | Ferdinand Muttar | Lorenz Szentra


Lörinc Schlauch (1824-1902) Mercydorf Priest

 Born March 27, 1824, Uj-Arad, diocese of Csanad, Hungary. Received the sacrament of confirmation, May 8, 1835.

Education. Received the insignias of the clerical character and the minor orders, December 15, 1846; subdiaconate, December 21, 1846; diaconate, January 2, 1847. University of Budapest, Hungary (doctorate in theology, January 30, 1867).

Priesthood. Ordained, April 3, 1847. In the diocese of Csanad, cooperator in several parishes for five years; professor of theology in its seminary; pastor in Merczyfalva, and Gyarnatha, for thirteen years; canon of the cathedral chapter, 1872.

Episcopate. Elected bishop of Szatmár (now Satu Mare, Romania), July 25, 1873. Consecrated, September 21, 1873, Esztergom, by János Simor, archbishop of Esztergom. Assistant at the Pontifical Throne, July 30, 1886. Transferred to the see of Nagyvárad of the Latins (now Orea Mare or Gran Varadino, Romania), May 26, 1887.

Cardinalate. Created cardinal priest in the consistory of June 12, 1893; received red hat and title of S. Giorlamo degli Schiavoni, May 21, 1894. Decorated with the grand cross of the Austrian Order of Sankt Stefan, 1897.
Death. July 10, 1902, Nagyvárad. Exposed and buried in the cathedral of Nagyvárad.

Links. Biography, in Hungarian; portrait and biographical data, in Czech; and his photograph  with those of another seven Hungarian cardinals.

Josef Gabriel

Gabriel Family Portrait



© Gabriel d. Ä., Josef Josef Gabriel d. J. Ausgewählte Werke. Hrsg. v. Hans Weresch. 1985.  294 S. mit Porträts etc. (12:20) Lwd. — Gabriel d. Ä. * 1853 in Mercydorf;  Dichter und Volksliedsammler; 1907 in Mercydorf.


Assistance in translating the below poems and
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Poems from the 1987 Mercydorf Book

Mother Tongue
© Pg 546 Mercydorf 1987

We Swabians speak Palatinate
© Pg 547 Mercydorf 1987

© Pg 572 Mercydorf 1987


Peter Schiff

Poetry Collection 1934
Translated by Brad Schwebler

I. Thoughts 

A hot summer day
The harvest time!
Hard work
The Banat – beautiful and fruitful
And suddenly: two hundred years
Great time!

II. Ponder

 Voice! – Two hundred years
As they came
Our ancestors
Alsace-Lorraine, Rhine Valley
From the region of the Danube
They migrated

III. Luxemburg

Friaul and Barcelona
Complete confidence
Fear not
Unknown section – deserted land
Their work – the right farming community
And the Banat

IV. Thankfulness

While searching incredibly at the view
The blue infinity
Godly – without space and time
High! High! – to God

V. Gentleman, driver

His invisibleness
Great, sublime!
- was a Swabian
Always devout - for him farming
Complete hope, him trusting
So it remains also!

I. Thoughts

The light evening wind
So delicate and soft
Drifts the same
There! – Mercydorf has this year
The two hundred year celebration!
My brave Swabian village!

Ferdinand Muttar

October Snow

Ferdinand Muttar
of Mercydorf


The trees and bushes appear restrained.
Thickly fall the snowflakes;
Autumn already with winter’s breath
Shrouds the Earth’s colorful face.

All Life in surprised Nature,
Hearts, still buried in autumn,
Feel prematurely in the whiteness of forest and field
Winter’s cares.

Strife has not yet faded away,
Protected is capricious happiness.
Fate wrung out of struggle
Breaks free behind the mist.

But Time flies, sinks into the Past.
With it, longings and deadlines vanish;
Colourful variety becomes monotony,
Fewer seconds tick in the minute.

And so in the bustle of the world
It appears to you, my loved ones and many brothers,
That I become smaller in the greater Being,
The current of Life draws over.

And amongst the hustle and bustle, amongst loved ones who be,
The tired heart beats lonely, abandoned - alone?
Cast your wandering eye upwards towards Heaven,
To the Guide of all Fate.

“Forgive, All Gracious One!
In Your hands lie Love and Hope,
For Your child lies security;
Closed doors are opened to him,
The uneasy heart is freed in You.”

Poem is taken from the book Mercydorf
by Klugesherz, Lorenz, Erich Lammert,
Anton Peter Petri, J. Zirenner, 1987.

(translated by Diana Lambing)



Lorenz Senetra

To the few well-known farmer poets, Lorenz Senetra is among them.  Born 1882 in Mercydorf, he wrote many poems while in Russian captivity (1914-1918).   A large part of his collection was destroyed through the invasion of the Russians in Mercydorf. 

My Homeland
© Pg 606 of the Mercydorf book.
Translated by Brad Schwebler

Meine Heimat

Meiner schönen Heimat gleich
gibt es wohl kein zweites Reich
hier auf dem Weltenrad.
Und auf dieser großen Welt
nirgends mir es so gefällt
wie im schönen Banat.

My Homeland

There is no place in the entire world
that equals to my beautiful homeland.
And nowhere in this large world
does it please me in such a way
as in the beautiful Banat. 

Der Vögleinsang im Azur,
im Blütenglanz Hain und Flur,
voll wunderschöner Saat;
auf den Höhen edler Wein,
Obst und Früchte wohl gedeihn
in dem Schönen Banat.
The small birds sang
to fully beautiful seed in the azure,
in the bloom gloss grove and corridor,
on the heights noble wine,
fruit and fruits probably thrive
in the beautiful Banat.

Zu den wenig bekannten Bauerndichtern gehört Lorenz Senetra. Geboren 1882 in Mercydorf, schreib Viele Gedichte in Russischer Gefangenschaft (1914-1918). Ein großer Teil seiner Sammlung wurde durch den Einmarsch der Russen in Mercydorf vernichtet.



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