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Last Updated: 09 Apr 2024


Regarding DVHH Membership and Future Donations

As of 2023, Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands (DVHH)
discontinued all membership options.


Going forward, though DVHH membership has ended,
donations of any amount are welcome and will help cover the organization's
continuing operating expenses.
If you would like to donate, please make your check out to DVHH and mail it to
Noelle Giesse
7836 86th Street
Glendale, NY 11385

Donations are 100% tax deductible.



To Our Past DVHH Members

Over the years, we have been touched and grateful to all of you for your generous financial support. You have made it possible for to develop and maintain programs
that will keep our Donauschwaben heritage alive for generations to come.

Thank you so very much!

Please know that you will no longer receive renewal notices.

For Your Reference

A list of all 2023 DVHH members can be found here.
Surnames, villages, and regions being researched by 2023 Associate Members
can be found here.





All 2023 Members

2023 Associate Members

Jeff Rau
Membership Registrar


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