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DVHH, at a glance . . .

"How the DVHH got started"

Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands, Inc., is a nonprofit corporation exempt from federal taxes under 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  DVHH, Inc. received its tax exemption under 501(c)(3) from the IRS on October 26, 2007.

"Your donations and membership dues are tax-deductible." 

Our Mission is to collect and provide historical and genealogical information for the former Danube Swabian (DS) villages situated in the six regions which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918: Banat, Batschka, Slavonia - Syrmia, Swabian Turkey, Hungarian Highlands, and Sathmar.

"Our Motto: Keeping the Danube Swabian legacy alive!"

How to participate, collaborate, communicate & contribute to
"Keeping the Danube Swabian legacy alive"!

1:  VOLUNTEER: Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands (DVHH) consist of all volunteers, whose desire is to help descendants of the German ethnic group "Danube Swabian" discover their ancestral roots, history, environs, culture and lifestyles. Our website is chock-full of data, having been developed using input from this very forum of volunteers to flesh out all the aspects of the Danube Swabian people.  The DVHH Village Coordinators hope to bring you closer to your ancestral village.

Registry of Volunteers & Contributors

2. CONTRIBUTE Web Content:  DVHH.org prides itself on providing excellent, entertaining, informative and unique articles about the Donauschwaben experiences, including recipes!  We are staffed with editors who will help you to present your story in an accurate, well-written and detailed publication, that will speak to our curious audience.  We welcome any submissions for consideration. 

Standard Submission Guidelines & Procedures

3: BECOME A MEMBER: DVHH.org acknowledges and appreciates every person (who we refer to as Members) who financially supports our effort to keep our Donauschwaben history alive for future generations. NOTE: Our website is free.

Worldwide Member List

4:  SUBSCRIBE to DVHH E-MAIL LISTDVHH has a large Donauschwaben email list subscriber base; as of today (21/Sep/15) there are 752 Listers. A great many of our worldwide subscribers are volunteer Lookup Guides assisting researchers with filling in the missing info and adding new branches. Cousin-Connections are made worldwide. Because we are a Roots Web hosted mail list, every message/posting goes into a searchable archive. It is wonderful to simply browse over a decade of posting!  Where  has the time went!

Browse our mail list archives from Sept 2003 through today.

5:  JOIN DVHH FACEBOOK GROUP:  As of today (21/Sep/15) there are 1420 members worldwide. It's fun to check in the group on any given day, there is always an array of topics being talked about and lots of photos posted. Unfortunately Facebook doesn't offer a searchable archive, so we encourage subscribing to the email list to post research inquiries into searchable archives.

Shared Ancestral Images

6: SIGN OUR GUESTBOOK: Your comments and suggestions are most welcome.  We invite you to sign our guestbook and share your surnames and villages of interest. After a period of time, messages will be moved to our Guestbook Archives (initiated 2005).

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UNIFORM TERMINOLOGYFor the sake of consistency, the terms Donauschwaben or Danube Swabian will be used throughout the DVHH web site, publications & associated media outlets.  More info ~DVHH Editorial, 5 Dec 2005, Updated 10 May 2007, Nick Tullius, Sr. Editor.  Est. & published at DVHH.org 2007 by Jody McKim Pharr.





DVHH Administration

DVHH Board of Directors:

Dan Larson, Pres., NY
Jeff Rau, Sec., VA
Noelle Giesse, Treas., NY
Dan Sedley, Dir., NJ
Rita Tompkins, NY
Engel, Roy, Dir., CAN

A special thank you to our outgoing Board Members for their "many years" of service!:
Jody McKim Pharr, GA

Volunteer Director:
Dan Sedley, NJ
Volunteer Information

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Jeff Rau, VA

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Guestbook Archivist:
Darlene Demitrie, Windsor, ON


Nick Tullius, OTT
Rose Vetter, BC
Rita Tompkins, NY
Dan Larson, NY
Jody McKim Pharr, GA
Dennis Bauer, PA
Rose Mary Keller Hughes, NY
Beth Tolfree, CA


Submissions Manager
& Content Archivist:
Joe Mayte, MO
Submission Information

Publisher & Webmaster
Jody McKim Pharr, GA

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Sarah Coraggio, WA

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Jody McKim Pharr, GA
Rita Tompkins, NY

Content Consultants:

Nick Tullius, OTT
Rose Vetter, BC
Henry Fischer, ONT
Rose Mary Keller Hughes, NY

DVHH Translators:

Nick Tullius, OTT
Rose Vetter, BC
Vesna Ibrahimovic, Sombor
Lori Straus, ONT

Donau-Schwaben Kalender
Transcription Project

Jody McKim Pharr, GA - Coordinator
Beverley Franks, CAN - Photo Editor
George Fuderer, SC - Translator

Cooking Donauschwaben Style!

Anne Dreer, CAN - Coordinator:
Rose Vetter, BC - Editor

Displaced Persons Camps Coordinators:
Franz Bohn, PA
Anne Dreer, Ont-CAN

Obituaries Coordinator:
Dennis Bauer, NJ

Regional Coordinators:

Alex Leeb, Nick Tullius, Jody McKim Pharr

Dennis Bauer

Hungarian Highlands:
Ernest Chrisbacher

Robin Grube & Zeljko Lekšić

Sarah Coraggio

Swabian Turkey:
Henry Fischer

Eve Brown


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