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9 km N of Hatzfeld

Postal Code: 1955

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Grabatz, Bogarosch, Alexanderhausen, Billed, Kleinbetschkerek, Kleinjetscha, GrossJetscha, Ostern, NeubeschenowaKnees, Mercydorf, Gertianosch.


The coat of arms of the H.O.G. Lenauheim was sketched by Juergen Griebel. This coat of arms serves for the identification of the H.O.G. Lenauheim in the Federal Republic of Germany. The agreement to the draft took place to 01.05.1999 in Karlsruhe. It clarifies in large measure the solidarity to the old homeland. To see the coat of arms of the homeland association of the Banater Swabia is e.V. and in the right half the Lenau monument before the city hall in Lenauheim in the left upper half. The lower half becomes of Roman Catholic Village church Lenauheims filled out, which is framed with the ears fruitful fields by Lenauheim. The coat of arms was specified on 11 September 1999 in Karlsruhe.


Heimatblatt Lenauheim 2.
Published 2001
Redaktion: Jürgen und Werner Gabriel

Hrsg. von der HOG Lenauheim 2001

H.O.G. Lenauheim
Werner Griebel
Industriestr. 39
68169 Mannheim






Village Name Variants

People Placename Country
German Lenauheim Hungary
Hungarian Csátád Hungary
Romanian Lenauheim Romania

Other: Schadat, Schatad, Cetad, Csadat

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HeimatOrtsGemeinschaft Lenauheim
(Homeland of the community)

On 5 October 1985 in Karlsruhe Knielingen the place of residence community Lenauheim was created, on initiative by Peter Taugner. Their chairman were Anton Dittiger, Herbert Klein, Alfreds Muehlroth and at present Werner Griebel. The homeland meetings took place likewise since 1985, always in the 2-Jahres rhythm, thus also 1987, 1989, 1991, 1993, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2001 and 2003 in Augsburg or Karlsruhe and enjoyed of high numbers of visitors.

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