A Remembrance of the Past; Building for the Future." ~ Eve Eckert Koehler

Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors

Ethnic & Religious Diversity

Danube Swabians - Nationality, Citizenship, and Inter-Ethnic Relations by Nick Tullius

The Hungarians of Feketitsch by Dr. Viktor Pratscher, 1936

The First Germans in Feketitsch 1818 by Dr. Viktor Pratscher, 1936

Living Together with Other Nationalities in Beschka by Peter Lang

Living Together with the Different Denominations by Peter Lang

The Romanian Fellow Townsmen by Stefan Schmied

Jewish Families in Scheindorf (Sathmar) by Stefan Schmied

Gypsies in Scheindorf (Sathmar) by Stefan Schmied

Baptists, Methodists, Nazarenes, Catholics by Dr. Viktor Pratscher

The Romanians, Armenians, Greeks, Albanians & Bulgarians by Josef Schramm

The Jews and Gypsies by Josef Schramm

The Slovakians, The Ruthenians & The Slovenians by Josef Schramm

Protestant neighbor villages in the Batschka Torschau, Peter Haas


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Heritage Society Ethnic & Religious Diversity


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