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Massive Floods of Banat 2005
"Around 5,000 homes have been damaged in 145 villages and towns"

Romania experienced the heaviest flooding in 50 yrs
and over half of Romania Banat is under water, 2005.

25 April 2005, Jody McKim Pharr





Humanitarian help needed! (circa 2005)

Agony and Resurrection
The Easter holidays caught the Banat under water

A sad Easter, with people that found themselves, within a few hours, without hope for a life and without a roof over the head. God wanted that the Timis county be covered by water on the holiday. For thousands of people, the word “home” now meant nothing.  (caption translated by Nick Tullius)


  • Jurnalul National - Romania
    link to the photo provided by Senior Editor Victor Ciutacu

From: "Nick Tullius" < ntullius@
Subject: Flood affected communities in Romania receive relief aid
Date: Sun, 8 May 2005 15:09:25 -0400

Source: World Vision
Source Data: 05/02/2005

ROMANIA - By Violeta Moisa & Andrea Swinburne-Jones - World Vision has sent relief supplies to communities impacted by the worst flooding in 35 years in north-west Romania. More than 3,500 people from 7 counties have been displaced by the floods.

A truck carrying 7 tons of relief supplies arrived in Foeni village, about 200 kilometers north-west of Bucharest yesterday afternoon. The
village is in Timis county, one of the most affected.

Around 5,000 homes have been damaged in 145 villages and towns, according to the national Defense Supreme Council. Bridges and dykes have been destroyed making many roads impassable. Drinking water, telephone and electricity supplies have been cut in some areas.

Villagers were impressed to see the truck laden with food, water, clothes and blankets arriving in the flooded area. "We have received so much, we can now give to others," said villagers in Foeni.

"Around 5,000 homes have been damaged in 145 villages and towns"

World Vision is concentrating its efforts on the Foeni and Uuivar communes, following a survey of affected areas and discussions with the local authorities. These communities can only be reached by helicopter or heavy tractors. Many villagers have been moved to safer areas by army helicopters.

The houses are collapsing before our eyes. I am in a village completely drowned underwater. I can only stay on a small island. People are

World Vision's Relief Team Leader, Eugen Borlea said "I have never seen anything like this before. The houses are collapsing before our eyes. I am in a village completely drowned underwater. I can only stay on a small island. People are desperate and wait for help. Little has been done for them so far."

With funds raised by a national telethon, World Vision plans to also reconstruct houses and schools in affected areas. USAID, the relief arm of the United States government also pledged money to assist with food, water and hygiene kits.

Due to constant rains and broken dykes, water levels continue to rise, threatening to expand to other counties and even cover the entire
north-west part of the country. Heavy rains are forecast across the country.

Relief intervention is planned for other areas if the situation worsens.
An initial assessment shows most urgent needs are water, food, disinfectants, latrines, water pumps and filters, and tents for displaced families.

Damage costs have reached $27 million with the figure expected to rise.

Contact: Violeta Moisa, Communications Coordinator, +40-744-38-38-77

First published on April 29, 2005, 12:10. Last updated on May 2, 2005, 09:58
For clarification:

Please note the old village names recommended for DVHH sites (and familiar to some of us Listers):

Uivar=>Uiwar (Neuburg an der Bega)
Foieni=>Fény (Hungarian; no German name found).

Happy Mother's Day,

Nick Tullius

From: "DVHH-Coordinator"
Subject: Timis County - badly affected by flooding
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 06:53:10 -0400
Hundreds of people evacuated due to floods

Heavy flooding hit the west of the country, forcing an international airport to remain closed for a second night and leading to the evacuation of hundreds of people, authorities said yesterday.  Military officers used rubber boats to evacuate people from their homes in the villages of Gataia and Denta after the River Barzava burst its banks. The waters flooded 600 houses and forced the evacuation of hundreds of people, said Colonel Mihai Benga of the emergency services.

Some residents began returning home yesterday as the waters subsided, said Major Mircea Mica, a senior emergency worker in the region.

Flooding blocked several roads near the city of Timisoara, some 500 kilometers west of Bucharest.
The Traian Viua airport in Timisoara was closed for a second night after heavy rain flooded lights on the runway and lights used to guide planes. Flights are being diverted to the nearby western city of Arad.

Timis County in the southwest part of the country has been badly affected by flooding, with dozens of houses and hundreds of hectares of land flooded this week.

In the nearby county of Caras-Severin, hundreds of houses were flooded and several roads inundated. Rail links in the region were also disrupted, a statement said.

The damages at national level of the inundation surpass 100 billion lei (about 2.7 million euros). The hardest hit counties were Arad, Caras-Severin, Mehedinti and Timis, where the rainfall recorded 120 liters per square meter.


Jody McKim

Serbia Floods Apr 16, 2005

SERBIA FLOODS - photo's - these towns are under water...

4 aerial view photos - showing the flooded village of Jasa Tomic, some 80 km (50 miles) northeast of Belgrade, Tuesday April 26, 2005. Thousands of residents were evacuated in Romania and Serbia as heavy rain caused major flooding that also affected parts of Hungary and Slovakia.,pho&j=en&h=English,en

Jody McKim


Historically, floods have caused millions of dollars worth of damages in Romania. From 1992 to 2000, the flood impact estimated by ANAR was a total of:

118 human casualties
138,423 houses/holdings affected or destroyed
in the six years for which data are available, 43,945 lost animals
13,591 km of road negatively impacted by floods.

The estimated damage for this period was 1.4 million dollars, or an average of about USD 120 M annually. After 2000, a number of floods caused a further multimillion worth of damage. The preparation of special intervention units to preserve the viability of hydro-technical structures is a priority for ANAR.

This vulnerability to floods is due to several factors, including: read more:
(Dead link, noted 2014)

Local Districts of Timis Affected by the Floods as of April 2005

Locality (Official)

German/other known name

No. of damages Buildings affected
Belint German: Belintz
Hungarian: Belence
Berecute     5
Birda All    
Brestea     10
Chizatau     14
Crai Nou   13 4
Criciova Hungarian: Kricso, Kricsova    
Cruceni Kreuzstätten 75 114
Denta All: Denta 9 14
Deta German/Hungarian: Detta    
Foeni Hungarian: Fény
German (none found)
146 237
Gad German: Fodorhausen Hungarian: Fodorháza    
Gătaia German: Gataja Hungarian: Gatalja 56 381
Gavojdia German: Gavoschdia Hungarian: Gavosdia    
Ghizela German: Giseladorf
Hungarian: Gizela, Gizellafalva
Giulvăz German: Djulwes, Gilwas
Hungarian: Torontálgyulvesz
variants: Djulves, Giulwesz 
Gruni     1
Iohanisfeld, Ionel German: Johannisfeld Hungarian: Jánosföld 201 228
Jamu Mare German: Großscham, Freudenthal
Hungarian: Nagyzsám 
Lugoj German: Lugosch Hungarian: Lugos   45 
Manastire   9 41
Manastiur     141
Otelec Hungarian: Ótelek 170 290
Peciul Nou German: Ulmbach, Neupetsch, Neu-Wien
Hungarian: Ujbécs
variants: Ujpetsch, Ulbetsch, Ujpécs
Remetea Lunca     5
Rovinita Mare German: Omor 1 70
Rudna All same 1 4
Sacosul Turcesc German: Türkisch Sakosch
Hungarian: Törökszakos
Sculea   37 117
Semlacu Mare German: Großschemlak
Hungarian: Nagysemlak, Mezosomlyo
Semlacu Mic German: Kleinschemlak
Hungarian: Kis Semlak
Singeorge   7 129
Sinmartinul Maghiar      
SUSTRA   1 8
UIVAR Uiwar (Neuburg an der Bega)    

Published at 2005 by Jody McKim Pharr

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