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"A pinch of this, a dash of that, a few cupfuls" was how our mothers and grandmothers told us to prepare a family recipe." ~RMKH

Villages Helping Hands
Remembering Our Danube Swabian Ancestors
150 bestbewährte Backrezepte
150 Proven Baking Recipes
pg 45  

Translated by
Rose Vetter

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Chestnut Mountain ~ Mont Blanc von Kastanien
Liesl Schneider, Lenauheim

Slowly boil 1 kg peeled chestnuts with ½ liter milk, sugar and a vanilla pod until soft.  Drain any remaining milk and push the chestnuts through a sieve.  Heap on a plate in the shape of a mountain and decorate with whipped cream.

Studded Apples ~ Gespickte Aepfel
Josefa Kern, Warjasch

Peel and core apples and parboil in a syrup of water, sugar and a bit of lemon juice.  Remove from liquid and fill with a mixture of raisins, ground walnuts and whipped cream.  Stud the outside of apples with almond slivers.

Caramel Cream ~ Karamelcreme
Minna H. Deva

Beat 5-6 eggs and 2 tablespoons sugar until foamy.  Stir in ½ liter whipping cream which has been boiled with a piece of vanilla pod.  Caramelize some sugar to a nice brown color.  Pour into a large bowl or several small bowls. Pour in the egg mixture.  Set the bowl/bowls into a pan of simmering water for about 45 minutes.  To prevent air bubbles forming, do not let the water bubble.  The cream is done when an inserted toothpick stays upright.

pg 46  

Translated by
Rose Vetter

Apple Foam ~ Apfelschaum
K. Tendler, Hatzfeld

Bake 6-7 large apples.  Press through a sieve.  Add 140 grams sugar, 1 egg white and 1 tablespoon jam and beat until thick.  Arrange on a plate, decorate and chill.

Coffee Cream ~ Kaffee-Creme
Helga, Bistritz

Sweeten 400 ml whipping cream with vanilla sugar.  Add 200 ml strong cold coffee.  Add gelatin which has been dissolved in a bit of water.  Pour into a greased mould and chill.  Turn onto a plate to serve.

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~ Bistoria Pudding (not translated)
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~ Schokoladen Creme (not translated)
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~ Kaffee Creme (not translated)
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~ Maraschino Creme (not translated)
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~ Wein Creme (not translated)
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~ Schokoladenschneegrieß (not translated)
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~ Fruchtgeleeschnee (not translated)
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~ Erdbeerberg (not translated)
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