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Last Updated: 18 Mar 2020

Ritter, Joseph "Joe" 1937-2020 MD, USA Obituary
Martini, Adam 1937-2020 NJ, USA Obituary
Kemle, David 1933-1919 WA-USA Obituary
Schmidt, Frank 1922–2019 ONT CA Obituary
Juhl, Yvonne 1942-2019 MO, USA Obituary
Banzhaf, Gerhard "Gary" 1927-2019 OH, USA Obituary
Busch, John 1933-2018 IL, USA Obituary
Kopp, Hans 1935-2018 OH, USA Obituary
Kornfeind, John 1951-2018 AZ, USA Obituary
Bratsko, Harold 1944-2016 CO, USA Long time DVHH Member/Supporter
Stephan, Heinrich 1928-2016 DEU Born 31 Oct 1928, Bulkes & died 18 May 2016, Karlsruhe, Ger. at 88. His Bulkes Flight Memories
DVHH Bulkes Village Coordinator 2004-2016.
Tissl Turkalak, Anni 1923-2015 PA, USA 1923-2015 Died at 92, 31 Mar 1923 - 16 Apr 2015, Member of St. Sylvester Cath Church. Survivor Story: Anni Tissl Turkalak
Connor, Martha Remer 1925-2015 NV, USA  
Flotz, George 1932-2014 IN, USA Obituary
Linz, Hermine "Hermi" Abt 1952-2013 AR, USA Remembering "Hermi"
Hunsinger, Jakob 1934-2012 OH, USA A special friend to DVHH. Read more.
Jones, Maxine Schwellinger 1938-2012 WA, USA Tribute to Maxine
Grimm, Johann "Hans"  1929-2012 DEU Researchers Friend Remembered
Hajdu, Eva Capdebo  1952-2010   Obituary
Bedö-Zollner, Anton 1935-2009 DEU Friend to DVHH early on. Read more.
Kirchner, Rudy 1933-2008 CAN Rudy Remembered | Obit
Rohr, Robert 1922-2008 Mün, DEU Music Historian / Composer/ Author
Wolfram, Barbara Scheuer 1937-2005   "In Memory of Barbara" | Obit
Deak, William "Bill" Harold 1923-2003   Remembering Bill
Miller, Mike  1942-2003 GA, USA Read more about Mike

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