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DVHH Yearly Membership Give-Away Drawing: Winners & Donators . . .
Est. & published at DVHH.org 2007 by Jody McKim Pharr.

All current DVHH Members are automatically entered into the yearly Give-Away.  The drawing takes place on the Saturday of the yearly Landestrachtenfest on Labor Day weekend.  The winners are announced at the event, followed by an announcement to the DVHH-L mail list.  We appreciate the contributors of our donated items! Good luck to you all!

2012 - Drawing Winners at the Landestreffen in Kitchener, Ontario at the Schwaben Club of Kitchener

2011 - Drawing Winners at the Landestrachtenfest Mit Tanzwettbewerb Mansfield, OH

2010 - Drawing Winner at the Donauschwaben Landestreffen at the United German-Hungarian Club (UGH), Oakford, PA

2009 - Drawing Winner at the Carpathia Club Landestreffen der Donauschwaben, Sterling Heights, MI

2008 - Drawing Winner at the Celebrate in Cleveland! Landestrachtenfest mit Wettbewerb, Cleveland, OH

  • Tony Kramlik, West Chester, PA, USA: Es War Einmal by Sister Mary Agnes Theiszmann Pitzer (donated by: Jody McKim Pharr)

2007 - Drawing Winner at the Tag der Donauschwaben USA & Kanada!, The Mansfield Liederkranz, Mansfield, OH

  • Trudi Ward, Ohio, USA: Banat Maps - Very large beautiful detailed map 1 & map 2 (donated by John Reiser)


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