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Landesverband der Donauschwaben, USA
2008 Landestrachtenfest mit Tanzwettbewerb – Cleveland, OH
(National costume festival & competition)
Hosted by the Donauschwaben German-American Cultural Center, "at Lenau Park"
Aug 29-31, 2008
Published at DVHH.org 2008 by Jody McKim Pharr.

DVHH Certificates of Appreciation | DVHH Drawing Winner | Kulturpreis der Kulturstiftung der Donauschwaben-USA
DVHH Attendees:
Back/left: Adam Martini, Eva Martini, Jody McKim Pharr, Elizabeth Walter, Katherine Flotz, Eve Brown, Beth Tolfree,
Front: Rose Mary Keller Hughes, Henry Fischer, David Kemle, Gary Banzhaf, Dennis Bauer


Celebrate in Cleveland!

Trachtenfest is the fest that is held with a parade of all the different cities that participate with each city carrying their city flag. In the USA and Canada, the parade is usually held by going around the club and gathering on the soccer field with welcoming speeches from presidents and dignitaries.

A "Tracht" is an outfit that the women and men wear. The clothing they wear represent the many different regions and locations of their homeland. A lot of the clothing today is an authentic reproduction of the original clothing, but many of our young ladies are wearing the original clothing their grandmothers wore in Hungary.

In Europe they have the parade through the town where the fest is held and then to their town church.

The DVHH is already receiving a warm reception from the Donauschwaben German-American Cultural Center, who is providing us with a booth located in the main lobby near the fireplace!  Ingrid Dorr, 1st VP of the Cleveland DGACC reports to Beth Tolfree, DVHH Secretary that they are excited to have our wonderful group represented at their event.

Come celebrate in Cleveland the rich legacy of the Donauschwaben during Landestrachtenfest mit Wettbewerb 2008.  It's great to finally meet folks you have communicated with year after year on the internet, as well as make new friends.

See you there!

Beth Tolfree
DVHH Secretary
Event Coordinator
Jody McKim
DVHH Founder & President

DVHH Certificates of Appreciation 2008

The Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands (DVHH) recognized the people and organizations which made possible our participation in the Landesverband der Donauschwaben (LUSA) annual events.  Our collaboration with LUSA helps to promote the mission of the DVHH and bring it to the Donauschwaben Club members.  What better place to present the DVHH Certificates of Appreciation but at the Landestrachtenfest mit Wettbewerb 2008 in Cleveland? Some of us attended the Presidents meeting held on Sunday, Aug 30, 2008; and after a nice introduction of the DVHH by Leo Mayer, Hans Martini, DVHH Board Director, presented the following certificates . . .

Dr. Thomas C. Thornton

Webmaster, Landesverband der Donauschwaben, USA
Webmaster, Mansfield Liederkranz

From the beginning Dr. Tom has been a wonderful advocate for the DVHH, and paved the way for our participation with the LUSA. 

"Our collaborations can only enhance the drive to promote & preserve the Donauschwaben heritage."
- Tom Thornton


Leo Mayer

Landesverband der Donauschwaben President.

Leo is serving his last term as LUSA President, but he will not be out of reach.  He leaves behind a legacy that will be remembered, especially with the DVHH folks. We presented Leo with a certificate of appreciation and we are also proud to count him as a DVHH member.


Jakob Hunsinger

President of the Mansfield Liederkranz

Jakob was instrumental in helping the DVHH coordinate its first appearance with the LUSA event in Mansfield, 2007.  The unity of the Mansfield Liederkranz represents what type of leader Jakob is. We were made to feel very welcome.


Franz Rimpf

President of the Donauschwaben
German-American Cultural Center

Franz accepted the certificate on behalf of the club at the Landestrachtenfest mit Wettbewerb 2008.  The club was very generous to the DVHH in providing us a great booth location and set up; thanks goes out to all involved, especially Mina Rimpf, Ingrid Dorr and Franz Rimpf.


Linda McKenna

DVHH Mansfield Host

Presented by Nancy Fredenberg

As our first LUSA event host, we asked a lot of Linda and she delivered much much more than we asked!  She had a lot going on in her personal life and she planned and organized around it all, even after her home was flooded the week before the event, due to rain storms!  We couldn't have done it without her.


Hans Kopp

DVHH Cleveland Host

Presented by Beth Tolfree

As a long time member of the Donauschwaben German-American Cultural Center in Cleveland and LUSA, Hans was ready, willing and able to help during our planning. Thank you, Hans, for your assistance and your DVHH membership support.

Drawing Winner at the Landestrachtenfest mit Wettbewerb:

Tony Kramlik, West Chester, PA, USA: Es War Einmal by Sister Mary Agnes Theiszmann Pitzer
(donated by: Jody McKim Pharr).

Hans Kopp receives
“Kulturpreis der Kulturstiftung der Donauschwaben-USA”


Leo Mayer, Landesverband der Donauschwaben President, presents Hans his award. Congratulations Hans!

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