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Henry was born in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, son of Swabian immigrants from Hungary.   Henry has been a DVHH contributor for sometime now and he brings with him an unmistakable love for what he is doing for the Danube Swabian.  Being fluent in English and German, he has translated and contributed numerous historical articles for us to benefit and learn from.  We are fortunate to have Henry as a Resource Contributor.

Henry served on the former DVHH Administration Team, and currently serves on the DVHH Editorial Committee, in addition to his position as the Swabian Turkey Regional Coordinator, where he shares his knowledge and expertise, but he provides us with much more.

Henry has been very generous with his time and contributions to the DVHH project, which generations to come will enjoy and appreciate.  Thank you Henry!

Interview with Henry Fischer by Rose Mary Keller Hughes

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The History of the German Lutheran Congregations In the Banat By Hans Walther Röhrig, Leipzig, 1940, Summarized and translated By Henry Fischer

The Early History and Development Of the Lutheran Congregations and Church District Of Swabian Turkey in the 18th Century by Gustav Schmidt-Tomka, translated by Henry Fischer

The Destruction of German Lutheranism In Swabian Turkey (Tolna, Baranya and Somogy Counties) by Heinrich Keri, translated By Henry Fischer

The Settlement of the Village of Majos by Heinrich Marz (from his book Heimatbuch und Ortschronik von Majos/Majesch, 1997.) Translated by Henry Fischer

Genocide Carried out by the Tito Partisans 1944-1948, translated by Henry Fischer

Györköny: A Short History by Henry Fischer

Conflict in Györköny, translated by Henry Fischer

The Inhabitants of Gyönk Settle in Mekenyes 1735, translated by Henry Fischer

The Settlement of Gyönk After the Turkish Occupation, translated by Henry Fischer

The Republic of Mucsi (1946-1948), translated by Henry Fischer

Bikács, in Tolna County: A Short History, translated by Henry Fischer

Lutheranism and the Danube Swabian, translated by Henry Fischer

In the Batschka 1944-1948, translated by Henry Fischer

Genocide in the Yugoslavian Banat 1944-1948 by Austrian Historian Working Group for Kärnten and Steiermark, translated by Henry Fischer

In the Batschka 1944-1948 by Austrian Historian Working Group for Kärnten and Steiermark. Translated by Henry Fischer. The systematic liquidation program of the Danube Swabian population in the Batschka closely followed the parameters of the governmental districts into which the Batschka was divided for administrative purposes.

The Swabians in Syrmia/Syrmien & Slavonia by Dr. Valentin Oberkersch. Translated by Henry Fischer. From "Die Deutshen in Syrmien, Slavonien, Kroatien und Bosnien."

Fifty Years After by George Kaiser Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3, translated by Henry A. Fischer Published in the Heimatortsgemeinschaft Semlak Heimatbrief.

Local history and Geography of Závod in Tolna found at the Mutsching/Musci Village site. Excerpts from “Heimatbuch Závod in der Tolnau” by Anton Mayer. Translated by Henry Fischer, 3 March 2007.





Children of the Danube
by Henry A. Fischer

Remember to Tell the Children: A Trilogy Book One: The Pioneers
by Henry A. Fischer

Recommendation: I have only read two chapters but I can attest it is as good as "The Children of the Danube."  While it is about his family--it is just as important to the rest of us because our families went through the same hardships and experiences.  (Rose Mary Keller Hughes)

ISBN: 1425939198
ISBN-13: 9781425939199
Format: Hardcover,
pp. 740
Publisher: AuthorHouse


Remember To Tell The Children: Book Two:
Strangers And Sojourners
By Henry A. Fischer



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