Representing the former Danube Swabian villages situated in the six settlement areas which were part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire until 1918:

(including the Arad district) - Between the rivers Marosch, Theiß & Danube with its center in Temeswar.

Between the rivers Danube & Theiß with the cities Apatin, Neusatz/Novi Sad, & Batsch-Brestowatz.

Between Lake Balaton & the bend of the Danube. Includes
Schildgebirge, Buchenwald (Bakony Mts.) Veszprém County, and Ofner Bergland with Budapest.

Region around the cities Sathmar/Satu-Mare & Groß Karol/Carei.

South of the rivers Danube & Drau/Drava with the city Esseg/Osijek.

Between Lake Balaton, Danube & Drau/Drava with the center in Fünfkirchen/Pecs.
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Historical Settlement Areas of the Danube Swabians Villages:

Donauschwaben Regions:

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