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Photo taken by Jody McKim  from an airplance leaving Banat.

  Traveling to Banat?

While in Timisoara, I recommend . . .

  Restaurants . . .

Restaurant Lloyd

Victory Square 2 , Timisoara
Orar: / Öffnungszeiten: / open: 10am - 1 pm
Romanian & international cuisine
Tel. 0256/ 29 49 49



Rustic Restaurant - International Cuisine
address: Park Place, Blv. Mihai Viteazu, (Victor Babes str.) nr.1, Timisoara
telephone: 0256.201.058 -  fax: 0256 293323 
e-mail: park.place@xnet.ro 

  This to see:

The Adam Müller Guttenbrunn House


Accommodations . . .

Pensiunea Zefir - where we have stayed on 2 trips. 
[located in the Mehala quarter]

When the Zefir was full, I have stayed 2 times at the Hotel Perla, great place . . .

Hotel Perla I*** Tel.: +40256-495201  
Str. Olt nr.11
Fax: +40256-495203

Hotel Perla II*** Tel.: +40256-495202
Str. Turgheniev nr.9
Fax: +40256-495203 

Hotel Perla III *** Tel.: +40256-497858
Str. Paltinis nr.14
Fax: +40256-497858




Public Transportation

I have not used Timisoara Public Transportation, but here is some information I have found:  

Timisoara has a relatively efficient public transport system, which operates from 5 am to midnight.  The main routes for buses, trolley buses and trams can be obtained at one of the stations.  Tickets can be bought at RATTS kiosks, which are located on the main thoroughfares in the city. 

The Official Site / English version for "CFR IT Center of the Romanian Railway Company “CFR”- SA"  there you will see photos of trains and learn more about the development of the rail system in Ro.  See: Routes and schedules  

The main railroad station in Timisoara is TIMISOARA NORD
Located on "Strada Garii Nr. 3 - Phone number: +40 56 112552 & 193806.

A good explanation of getting to Timisoara by Train - Tips and General Information by the Romanian Railroad System CFR .  -  DEVA Train Station routes also go out to some of the villages and outlining areas.  Includes their route map of Romania.


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