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Murder in Obresch

DVHH discontinued its Membership 'Partner' level. The existing Partner pages will be grandfathered into their prospective regions of research for all time. [17 Jul 2012] In Syrmia we have: Families of Eve Brown - FEDERMANN, DAUTERMANN, SKLENA

Paula Schleis, our latest Syrmia Contributor has brought to us some exciting new photos for the Syrmia section. More to come, so please check back! [Apr-May 2012]:

Sotin Folks at a refugee camp in Linz 1945. Family: Tieherer, Baumgartner & Senzius

Elisabeth Stock, sons, Joe & unk., sisters Eva Tieherer & Mary Tieherer & her children, Elisabeth (later Schmidt), Mary (later Bates) & Steve Tieherer

Sotin refugees in Frankenburg, Austria, 1945 at a Senzius wedding - Some identities in this group photo

Maria Kiefer & George Senzius, Andy Kiefer, & Katy Senzius both sets of siblings, about 1926

Julianna Willig and husband Jakob (unknown last name), about 1916

Schleiss family

Stephan Senzius WW II, about 1940

Wedding in Sotin, 1938, unknown couple

Rose Molnar, 1942

Peter Molnar, father of Rose Molnar. Date unknown, but pre-World War II

“Two Donauschwaben Sisters” or “How we understand each other” by Dragan Gegenbauer [12 Sep 2011]

Eric Schwarz, New Village Coordinator: Schider Banovci / Schidski Banovci. Village [14 July 2011]

Neu-Pasua - Journey to the Other Schwabenland By Johannes Banzhaf. Author Johannes Banzhaf of Gütersloh, Westphalia, in northern Germany, wrote this heart-warming account. During a challenging 2,000 km trip he and his wife, Herta Fisslacker Banzhaf, took in a DKW automobile in 1938, they stopped off in Indija and Neu-Pasua to get acquainted with Johannes’s large extended family. The article was originally published in the Geislinger Zeitung (Newspaper) on July 19, 1939 and in the Stuttgarter Zeitung on August 11, 1939. Translated & Edited by Rose Vetter. Published at 24 May 2011]

Images, Krtschedin summer of 2009 taken by Dorothea Steigele

The Flame Devours Us - From the Diary of Pastor Matthias Rometsch (Chronik Neu-Pasua 1790-1945) Contributed by Gerhard Banzhaf, translated by Henry Fischer and edited by Rose Vetter. Published at 04 Nov 2009]

Neu-Pasua, A Short Homeland Book, By Mathias Huber, translated by Henry Fischer, edited by Rose Vetter. Published at 18 Aug 2009.

Obresch Village Site, Village Coordinator Eve Brown, published 29 Jul 2009; Webmaster: Ludwig Keck

The richest and best preserved wildlife habitats in the Pannonian plain

Agriculture in Surtschin from the book “Surtschin” Ortsbiografie der deutschen Minderheit eines Dorfes in Syrmien By: Michael Schmidt, 1980; translated by Roy Engel, contributed by Eve Brown. Published at 21 Aug 2008.

Syrmia Lookup Volunteers are now listed on the Syrmia Village Index, under the village name.

Tribute to Barbara Scheuer Wolfram, DVHH Village Coordinator for Vodjinci

Professor Oskar Sommerfeld 1885-1973 Academic Painter from the town of India (Indjija)

The Later Migration to the Syrmien village India during the Years 1836-1855 (List of Family Names, and their former residence) by Dr. Wendelin Müller

The Danube River Was Our Salvation - A cartographic reflection of the flight in October 1944 by Gerhard Banzhaf

Surtschin in Syrmien - A summary and translation of portions of Surtschin: Ortsbiografie der deutschen Minderheit eines Dorfes in Syrmien published by the Ortsausschuss der Ortsgemeinschaft Surtschin in 1980. 

Journey to Freedom 1850-1943
Part 1:
(Family background)
Dautermann's of Obresch & Sklena's of Bohemia & Schwarzwald, Germany, Apfeldorf & Kupinovo
Part 2
: Obresch to Camp Haid to America

Obresch - “Surtschin” Ortsbiografie der deutschen Minderheit eines Dorfes in Syrmien By Michael Schmidt – 1980, translated by Roy Engel.

Banner photo contributed by photographer Andrea Ballreich, 2007.

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