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Resources for Schowe Researchers

On this page and the sub-pages we provide information about the people who founded, built, and resided in Schowe. Much of this information is from the Schowe Heimatbuch 1936 and the Heimatbuch of 1961. Additional sources are indicated with the material.

Schoweer, as other Donauschwaben, often moved to other communities and natives of other villages moved to Schowe, often due to marriage. Much additional material can be found on the websites of neighboring villages.

If you are just starting out on your research project, please take advantage of the lively and helpful DVHH mailing list (see bottom of this page). Also be sure to visit the DVHH Research page for very extensive research help.


Neighbor Villages

Several of the neighboring villages have websites. These sites have much information about or relevant to Schowe.

Schowe area

Torschau - DVHH site

Werbass - DVHH site

Sekitsch - DVHH site --- - German site, some pages available in English

Feketitsch - DVHH site

Kischker - German site

Bulkes - DVHH site





List of names of early settlers

More information about these settlers is available in various resources. Please contact the Village Lookups Guide.

Barth – Bayer [Beyer] – Becker – Bolz – Buchmann – Braun – Brücker – Dauß [Tauß] – Dick – Deschner [Teschner] – Emich – Einz [Eins] – Febel – Fechter – Feß [Fesch] – Finitzer – Fuchs – Fritzinger – Geyer [Gayer] – Geiß – Gerhardt – Göttel [Gödel] – Goller [Koller] – Gutwein – Haller – Haißi [Häuser] – Hartmann – Hauch [Haugi] – Hauer – Held – Hederich – Heil – Heinz – Henn – Heß – Hetzel – Hobler – Hunsinger – Jung –  Klein – Krames [Grames] – Kolter [Golther] – Krieger – Reitenbach [Reidenbach] – Kun – Lahm – Lehmann – Lehr – Lennert – Lenz – Leopold – Leonhardt – Lieh [Licht] – Ludwig – Maus – Mayer – Metzger – Michäly – Mohr – Morgenstern – Müller – Pataky – Portz [Porz] – Poth – Riegel – Rieth [Ried] – Rumpf – Sauer – Seely [Seelig] – Sebastian – Seebach – Seil [Seyl] – Sinkel [Senkel] – Sohl – Späth [Spett] – Spieß – Steinmetz – Stumpf – Schäfer – Scherer – Schick – Schmidt – Schneider – Schelke – Schnurr – Schuff – Trißler [Drüßler] – Trumpler – Urschel – Wayandt – Weber – Weinz – Wenz – Welker – Welker – Werle [Wöhrle] – Werth – Werner – Wohl – Zanger – Ziebig [Ziwich] – Ziegler [Ziechler] – Zimmer – Zöllner

The list off settlers from the Heimatbuch Schowe 1961 is available on the Settler page.


Where did the early settlers of Schowe come from?

Here is a map with "pins" of the hometowns of the early settlers. The little "house" shows the location of Schowe. Use the controls to zoom in. You may drag the map to view around.


View Schoweer - origins in a larger map

The information contained in this map is based on the Heimatbuch Schowe - 1961 (see the Books page). Some of the locations may not have been placed correctly. If you have corrections or additional information please contact the Village Coordinator.



Schoweer families moved about and many emigrated to America. See the list of emigrants to the Americas on the Emigrants Page.


Local Migration

There was always a great deal of mobility - often due to marriage - within the local area as well as migration within Europe. The 1961 Heimatbuch provides a list of manes of Schoweer who resided outside Schowe. You may find this list on our Migrants page.


The Last Residents of Schowe

The Heimatbuch of 1961 provides a list of the last residents of Schowe - 1944. The list is shown here on separete pages as follows:

Schowe Residents by House - HBSchowe1961p345-384


Schowe Residents in Alphabetical Order



Map of Schowe with Names

Map by Adam Wenz, 1986 -- provided by Jakob Bolz

Ortsplan Schowe 1944

Click on small map image to see map. Then click on image to see enlarged section  (note scroll bars for getting around).





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