in Banat, founded in 1734 & remained a German Banat village until 1988


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Josef Gabriel and Family [ Mercydorf Heimatbuch]

House of Josef Gabriel & Family [ Mercydorf Heimatbuch]

Marie Ingrisch Fedrich, March '99. Upon our return home, I learned she celebrated her 86th birthday Oct 1999. [ Jody McKim]

She's on her morning stroll, chatting with a friend, March 1999 [Jody McKim]

These villagers seem to be taking in the morning sun on this chilly March morning, March 1999 [Jody McKim]

Life in Mercydorf [John Schlesinger]

A Romanian woman in her kitchen in Carani & we complain? [John Schlesinger]

A sad sight, as in all societies we have the poor, the homeless & beggars who are very prominent in Romania, as well as gypsies. [John Schlesinger]

Ingrisch home once stood here. The last Ingrisch residents left in the 80's, Returning to Germany, the homeland of their ancestors. ['99 Jody]

Mystery Photos found in a shoebox - dates unknown. If you recognize these people, please contact me. 
Frank Philippi

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