in Banat, founded in 1734 & remained a German Banat village until 1988


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Mercydorf Catholic Church

The Catholic Church was consecrated on September 14, 1788 to the "Erhöhung des heiligen Kreuzes" (The raising of the Holy Cross).  The church is only open for special occasions and usually by appointment only. We were lucky being allowed to take pictures and stay as long as we wanted.

September 2005, Jody McKim

Church Choir Anniversary

Choir Member list 1988

The Alter

View of Balcony

Ceiling Muriel

Ceiling Muriel

Mari Fedrich Hermann, ringing the church bell

Church Exterior side

Church Organ

Original Church Cross

Priest Bible

Priest Room

Letter from Josef Berger to the Church members. Josef Berger died June 2005.

Mari Hermann holding the very large key to the church!

March 1999, Jody McKim

Catholic Church in Mercydorf '99 [Jody]

Mercydorf Church drawing by Susan Thomas, from the photo to the left, I took in 1999.

The candles were lit for us, which made it very special. There was marble throughout & iron pews. ['04 Jody]

As you can see the church is beautiful. It was hard to believe this church was over 200 years old. ['04 Jody]

Ceiling Muriel

Mr. & Mrs. Nicolas Minnich, caretakers of the cemetery & church in Mercydorf, were very kind to open up the church for us. ['04 Jody]

Monument outside Church 1888-1988 ['04 Jody]

Mercydorf Church [1987 'Mercydorf Heimatbuch' by Klugesherz, Lammert, Petri and Zirenner]


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