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Ration Card from the village camp of Gakowa
By Josef Hornung "the cook of the camp"
Transcribed & added comments by Hans Kopp, an inmate and eye witness of the camp.
Published at DVHH.org Apr 2014 by Jody McKim Pharr 

On top it say rations in the camp from March 3 1945 to April 30 1947

Next line down it say Pro person.
x = No rations passed out.
Note; in Europe we do list the day first and then the month.
No it says 
Year - Amount of people encamped - Corn bread - Beans - Lard - Salt - Remarks

In 1946 the beans were substituted for Pies. Later Gerstl which is Barley. Maismehl is corn flour.
Under remarks on the side it say that between the times Jan 3 until the end of March 250 to 300 people died.
Under remarks on the right side.
By August 1. 1946 9,485 people died of starvation.

During spring of 1946 it was impossible to bury all the death in time to stop them from decaying.

You may question if 9,485 people died why is there still more in the camp.  It was because as people died more people who no longer were able to work were brought into the camp. Also when Jarek was closed the people from Jarek were brought in.  

The part which is signed.

These notes I have copied out of the notebook of Mr. Josef Hornung who was the cook in he camp during that time in Gakowa. He was from Karavukowa, Batschka Yugoslavia

This document is in agreement with the original this I solemnly swear. 

Kiedrich February 11 1987. Signed Rudolf Eckert.

"As for the accuracy of Mr. Josef Hornungs’s documentation I have to say; “it is for the most part correct. After consulting with several survivors who are close friends and what I do remember."  "I was born in 1937 and was in the camp from 1944 until Easter of 1947 with my mother and three younger siblings till our father saved us."
~ Hans Kopp


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