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Atrocities Against The Danube Swabian in Yugoslavia - Starting in 1944

A map visualizing the genocide ("the cleansing" 1944-1948) of the ethnic German minority (Danube Swabians) in the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia's northern regions.  The last concentration camps were closed in 1948, on the anniversary of the arrival of the first German settlers in 1748.

+2012 Molidorf | +7767 Rudolfsgnad | +5827 Gakowa | +5240 Jarek | +2103 Kruschiwl | +18 Mitrowitz | +101 Kerndia | +393 Valpovo

Source: Barbara Bank - Internment and Labor Camps of Former Socialist Countries – Czechoslovakia, Poland and Yugoslavia (1945–1956)
in: Zsuzsa Hantó - Kitiltott családok. Magyar Ház Kiadó, Budapest, 2010.


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