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Obliganza for Christmas (Cookies)

by Rose Mary Keller Hughes, 2 Feb 2011

I was having a yen to once again taste Obligansa; I wrote my Semlak cousin, now residing in Germany, to please send me the recipe.  He sent it to me in German.  The recipe follows with a translation.  In my family’s  household, obligansa were also made for New Year’s Eve.

From yeast dough (there was no holiday without Raised Kuchen) or even from bread dough.

Form finger-thick piece of dough and cut in 1-1½” long pieces. Place on a metal baking sheet and bake until they are lightly browned.

Then boil these little sausage-like pieces of dough in water, drain them in a strainer, add some butter and then put some ground sweetened poppy seeds or walnuts on them.

This specialty was usually served in Semlak on the holy evening (Christmas Eve).

German: Aus gewolnlichem Hefeteig (fruher gab es keinen Feiertag ohne gangana Kucha) oder sogar aus Brotteig, wird eine fingerdicke Wurst gerollt.  Es werden 2-3 cm lange Stuckchen geschnitten, aufs Backblech gelegt und hell gebacken.  Diese Stuckchen werden yetzt inWasser leicht aufgekocht, abgeseiht, abgeschmelzt und mit germahlenem un gesusstem Mohn bestreut. Diese Spezialitat wurde in Semlak meist am heiligen Abend serviert.

Obliganza: The word has two roots. Both are ultimately Latin, though the second derives most immediately from Italian. The first is from “obligare” which gives us the word “obligation” or “obligatory.” As in “Obligatory Birthday Party.” The second is from the Italian word “extravaganza” which gives us the English word “extravaganza.” As in “Birthday Party Extravaganza.” The combined form of these two words, however, is pure comedy magic. (Captain Dad

page 824: Dictionnaire d'ancien occitan Auvergnat: Mauriacois et Sanflorain (1340-1540) By Philippe Olivier

[Edited by Rose Mary Keller Hughes, Recipe Coordinator. Published at DVHH by Jody McKim Pharr 2 Feb 2011]

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