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Muschkazone Cookie Cutters Pictures

Shared by Eve Brown, 28 Nov 2005
Comment:  This has been interesting indeed. My mother (at 86) makes Muschkazone every year at Christmas - and yes she uses a cookie mold that resembles wheat bound in the center. I never understood why that mold (she has many) HAD to be used for that particular cookie, but that was the way it has always been and hopefully will be for much longer - since she is the only one that makes them in my circle of family or friends. It has always been difficult to get these recipes from mom and believe me I have tried. Most of the measurements don't seem to come out right,
so I am very thankful to all of you for printing your recipes and I intend to keep copies of all the different ones to help me figure out how she makes things.


Shared by Beth Tolfree



Shared by Noelle Giesse
Comment: Oma's not sure if it's from Tscherwenka or Vienna because she said they had a few of them.

Shared by Andrea Hussli, 21 Mar 2006

Andrea had some molds made and sold them to several DVHH folks, unfortunately she is all sold out now. The wheat bundle design cookie cutter was made of sturdy aluminum, epoxy ring handle.

Below are samples of the cookies made from this mold

[Published at DVHH by Jody McKim Pharr, 28 Nov 2005




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