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– Parachute Cookies

by Daniela Showley, 30 Oct 2012

Greatest Donauschwaben cookies in the world.

Comment from Cooking Editor:  Someone asked for a recipe for cookies and Daniela responded with the Falschirme.  Now mind you, I may not have the measurement exactly as they were, but I am hoping I am close enough for them to work, play around with them.

  • 4 Eiweiss (egg whites)

  • 30 dkg Kristal Zucker (2 cups sugar)

  • 20 dkg Hazelnuss (4 cups ground/grated hazelnuts) 

Eiweiss gut schlagen bis schnee
(beat egg whites until stiff peaks form (it looks like snow).   

Alles hinein
(add rest of ingredients and fold nuts into meringue mixture) 

kleine loffel or grossen loffel machen wie mann wilt
(use teaspoon or tablespoon to shape into balls about 1/2 inch in diameter.)

Place on lightly greased cookie sheets.  Bake at 300° F for 25 minutes. 

With spatula carefully remove cookies to cooling rack. 
Yield:  makes a lot of cookies. 

Fülle (Cream filling)

  • 1 Stück butter (1 stick butter)

  • 20dkg  zucker (1 cup sugar)

  • 1 tafel schokolade (1 square baking chocolate, melted)

Alles zammischen (mix all together with blender and then with a knife spread the filling on the bottom of one cookie and then press another cookie on top).  Melt chocolate chips and stick each end of cookie into it.  Let dry on wax paper.

[Edited by Rose Mary Keller Hughes, Recipe Coordinator. Published at DVHH by Jody McKim Pharr, 30 Oct 2012]




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