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"A pinch of this, a dash of that, a few cupfuls" was how our mothers and grandmothers told us to prepare a family recipe." ~RMKH

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Die Lieblinger Küche
"The Lieblinger Kitchen"

Cookbook of authentic recipes from Liebling (Banat), Romania - a village settled by Danube Swabian Germans in the late 1700's.

ALL the recipes were contributed by former Liebling residents who emigrated to Chicago and are members of the Chicago Verein. They are now in their 80's and 90's, though we do have some featured recipes that have been passed down to the next generation. 

Since the book contains only Lieblinger recipes that reflect back to time before World War II, there are NO American recipes (though we do use American measuring standards). In addition to the fabulous recipes, there are a variety of anecdotes and stories about life in Liebling before World War II.  The cookbook is written in English, although there are a few references and a couple short poems in German.

It also has section dividers that discuss customs in Liebling as relates to food and beverage and holidays/special events and a conversion chart for metric.

This cookbook was compiled and published by the members of the Lieblinger Vergnügungs Verein - Chicago, IL (The Lieblinger Pleasure Society) to document and preserve the legacy of life in "the old country." There are approximately 150 recipes in the following sections:

  • Beverages, Sauces & Breads

  • Soups & Salads

  • Vegetables & Side Dishes

  • Main Dishes

  • Desserts

  • Cookies & pastries

Just a few of the authentic recipes included: Griess Knödel, Riebel Suppe, Einbrennsuppe, Gedünste Kartoffel, Spitzbuben/Schubnudeln,  Zwetschkenknödel, Goulash, Grenadiermarsch, Juwetch, Schmarren, Faschiertes, Apfel Pitten, Kirschen Kuchen, Krapfen, Pfannkuchen, Polzerzipfl, Schneeballen, Redesh, Oblattenfüllen and more!!!

The book is listed on E-Bay (making it available worldwide): "The Lieblinger Kitchen:  Authentic Recipes from the Banat". 
We ship U.S. P.S. anywhere in the world, and postage/shipping will be added to the selling price. PayPal is the preferred payment method
EBay Item number: 280624793943

Submitted by Vicky Stumpf,  Lieblinger Vergnügungs Verein - Chicago, IL.

[Published at 18 June 2012 by Jody McKim Pharr]


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