Blumenthal in Banat

Established 1770


Did you know.....
"Blumenthal (Flower Valley) has the prettiest village name"
& "the most cheerful people are from Blumenthal" excerpts from
"Donauschwäbischer Volkskalender" of 1924, can be seen at:
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To all readers interested in our ancestors hailing from Alsace, Lorraine, Luxemburg/Belgium, etc:
The translation of an article entitled . . . "From the West to the East and from the East to the West: identity avatars of the French Banaters"
by Smaranda Vultur (Temeswar/Timisoara)
In the article, the author focuses on the group of refugees from the Banat  led by Jean (Johann) Lamesfeld (born in the Banat village of Blumenthal) to leave the DP camps in Austria and settle permanently in the village of La Roque sur Pernes, in France. In his efforts, Lamesfeld was able to obtain the support of French president Robert Schuman, who was himself of Alsatian origin, thus making France the first country to accept Danube-Swabian refugees after WWII.
The article uses many contemporary sources to retrace the steps of these 'French Banaters' and their ancestors from their respective homelands in Western Europe to the Eastern province of Banat, and then back to Western Europe (France). In developing the article, the author touches on many aspects of DS history and on the difficulties encountered in defining "nationality" and "ethnic identity."
[Nick Tullius]

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