Beschka Poets

Biography of Andreas Thuro

Date of birth: July 22, 1899, Beschka
(in 1899 it was still Hungary, from 1918 on it was Yugoslavia)
Occupation: merchant
Died: 30 September 1974, Wendlingen, Germany

      The Thuro's ancestors came to Hungary as immigrants from Germany in 1785.  These colonists were sent for by the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the time to settle the land left devastated and desolate after almost 400 years of occupation by the Turks.

   Andreas Thuro was the third child of Friedrich and Magdelena Thuro.  He grew up in Beschka and learned the merchant occupation in Belgrade.  After the death of his father he took over the mixed goods and leather business.  On the 9th of February 1922 he married Katharina Albrecht and had four children with her: Erwin, Franz, Walter, and Oswald.

   As a result of the two World Wars all Germans including him and his family had to leave their homeland and flee to Germany in 1944 because of the Soviet troops and the Tito partisans.  Many of those driven out did not survive.

   Then he lived for five years in Thüringen, but then he had to flee from there, as Thüringen was handed over to the Soviets by the Americans in an exchange for a part of Berlin.  Then he lived in Bavaria.  He spent his old age in Wendlingen where he died at the age of 75.

   The written word, books, and libraries were his world.  He lived peacefully and secluded.  In his free time he was often busy as a writer and poet.  In the economically bad times after World War II he hoped to earn money with it.  Unfortunately for him this dream was never fulfilled.

   About 100 poems were handed down from him, partially in draft form, which unfortunately for us were not available until after the death of his son Walter.  His only living son Oswald was able to sort out “this inheritance” and handed them over to the “Haus der Donauschwaben in Sindelfingen” and other Donauschwaben institutes where his works were received as Donauschwaben culture possessions.

About the author: I, Jürgen Thuro, born in 1972, am a son of Oswald Thuro and therefore a grandson of Andreas Thuro.

Published: Swabian market in Germany, on March 29th, 2004.

Song of the Colonists

by Andreas Thuro, Sr. 

At the plow I learned to go,
The need taught me to stand
Through the duty I came in walking…
with the view in the distance.

The day brings me only plagues,
the night secretly gnawing
and the hunger at the threshold,
and the thirst my companion… 

The seed grows so poorly for me,
the mower throws so terribly
and the disaster in the clouds
loaded with weeds.

The song goes in rounds,
the torment crowns me on the hour,
there the fate is in doses-
and the way leads to the grave.

Windmill Grinds

by Andreas Thuro, Sr. 

Sun shines,
Winds blow,
Mill grinds,
Winds go,
Swing wide,
Rustle, wave far,
Lured by the many winds,
Spellbinding in the roundabout play,
Serving in the yoke, they work, prevail.
Long hours, busily turn,
Grinding delay,
Hesitate – rear up
When it became red far in the evening,
Hurry away the wind trotting…
Leave the mill standing, alone…
It’s free, restrained,
And listen in the silent twilight
And dream…

Round tower
Powerful wings
Stand in the storm
On the hill,
Dark night
Darkness has power:
Roaring up from the valley and gorge,
Storm the night with fantastic force;
Wrestling wings, groaning,
Storm-tossed owls hoot;
Break – bend,
Drag – rock;
Finally whirl away the round dance –
Timidly creeps near the silence…
In the bosom of the night the storm varies.
The morning rewards
The mill hums her ancient song-
For bread…

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