Beschka - 12 Sept 2005

by Gordon Geissler


Gordon on the same porch Philipp Wendel sat 60 years ago.
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Rathaus - City Hall

Highway bridge over the Danube

Sunset on the Danube

Open air market

Main street through town looking west. Steeple of Orthodox church in the background

Protective hut covering a water well.

City park. I believe it was called "Pferd (Horse) Park". Prior to 1944. was a large open park.

Philipp WENDEL (b:1907) house.

Three families now living in a house built for one. Philipp WENDEL (b:1907) house.

New Hotel across from City Hall

Looking into a family's "Hof" (yard)

Philipp WENDEL (b:1860) "Hof" (yard) and house

Porch from Philipp WENDEL (b:1860) house

Chicken coop and current occupant of Philipp WENDEL (b:1860) house.

Chicken coop of Philipp WENDEL (b:1860) house.

Stairway leading to cellar of Philipp WENDEL (b:1860) house.

Typical traffic at main intersection

Local Serbs distilling Plum schnapps

Serb Orthodox church

SAHM house

Looking from center of town, west

Graveyard. Standing monuments are all Serbian


Remnants of German monuments/tombs in graveyard

Sanctuary of Beschka Catholic church

Altar inside Serb Orthodox church


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