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"History is the memory of things said and done."
- Carl L. Becker

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Banat Danube Swabian & the Baragan-Steppe


The twentieth century will become known as a century of forced evictions.  The Banater Swabian where twice victimized of deportation, in January 1945 to the Soviet Union and June 1951 to the Baragan-Steppe. These events shook the foundation of communities, which brought inexpressible sorrow over many families.

Compulsory Relocation to the Baragan
Deportation to the Bărăgan 1951-1956 [Konschitzky]
And Over Us The Endless Blue Sky [Weber]:
Deportation Data
The Baragan-Steppe on a map
Villages - Deportation & Deaths
District Statistics of the Old Villages
New Village Plans '1956-1956'
Numerical listing of deportees
Situation in the (Romanian) Banat in the 1945-1950
The Village of Klopodia & the Baragan Steppe
Deportation to the Baragan - 50 years on

"In spite of everything!"  "For 800 years the Rumanians sat there and said that the Baragan bore nothing but thistles. Nonetheless, Swabian deportees from the Banat successfully planted a vegetable garden on the land." Baragan Book by Franz Marschang - Translation by Diana Lambing

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