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Govede Polje Surname Research
by Joseph Esterreicher
Updated: January 29, 2011
Slavonia Family Surname Research
Researched, compiled & contributed by Joseph Esterreicher.
Sources: Primarily files available at the Family History Library in Salt Lake City, UT.
Former files at, published by Carol Esterreicher.
 Reproduced by Darlene Dimitrie & Jody McKim Pharr.
Published at 16 Oct 2019 by Jody McKim Pharr.

Surname: TODT

Todt of Govede Polje

Istvan Todt born about 1857 Boronka Somogy Hungary died October 18 1916 Govedje Polje

 + Kata Bencze born about 1864 Boronka died March 24 1908 Govedje Polje

       Istvan born about 1886 Govedje Polje died August 29 1886 Govedje Polje

       Kata born about 1887 Govedje Polje died July 13 1887 Govedje Polje

       Rozalia born October 24 1890 Govedje Polje

       Julijana born about 1893 Govede Polje died August 17 1916 Govede Polje

       Josip born about 1895 Govede Polje died June 17 1899 Govede Polje

       Katarina born March 9 1897 Govede Polje

       Josko born September 28 1900 Govede Polja

       Stjepan born June 10 1903 Govede Polje died October 7 1913 Govede Polje


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