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Pilgrimage of Maria Radna in Banat by Martin Roos Vol 1 Vol 2

Knees & Baratzhausen Treffen 2009 Ingolstadt, Germany

The renovation of Roman Catholic Church, (Hl. Theresia von Avila), was completed in August 2008. Bishop Martin Roos, celebrated the Holy Mass, and blessed the church. A few local Germans currently living in Germany, attended the ceremony.

To maintain the cemetery, HOG-Knees, request financial assistance, from German residence in Germany.

The 2009 "Kneeser Heimatreffen" will be held in 85080 Gaimersheim, on 29.08.2009. The invitations will be mailed in advance. It would please us, if all Kneesers and juniors would attend the our Treffen.  Elections will be held this again this year. Application forms for candidates will be available before the meeting.

Family Books are still available, please contact,
Baratzhausen, Hodon and Knees will include births, marriage and deaths (1823-1900).
Ketfel will include birth, marriages and deaths (1823-1852).

The committee wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

H.O.G. member who celebrated birthdays in 2008:

The 30th Birthday
Franz Rieder
Reinhard Kutchera
Robert Schutz
Richard Herbstler

The 40th Birthday
Roswitha Nothol

The 50th Birthdays
Norbert Gross
Erwin Tonicz
Barbara Sassrath
Horst Gängler
Herber Hubert
Konrad Jochun jun
Katharina Tittel

The 60th Birthdays
Michael Schönborn
Susanne Schummer

The 70th Birthday
Walter Machata
Elisabeth – Frieda Glass
Margarethe Lahni
Katharina Frahler
Maria Weiss
Ilse Jochum
Johann Dix
Susanna Maurer
Katharina Schummer
Elisbeth Klemenz
Johann Gross
Adelheit Weiss

The 80th Birthdays
Emma Schönbornö
Georg Grün
Anna Arnold

The 90th Birthday
Franz Gross

The 95th Birthday
Maria Schuller
Diamant Wedding
Hermine and Jakob Braun
Golden Wedding Anniversaries
Elisabeth and Franz Kodrotz
Margarethe and Josef Lahni
Elisabeth and Jakob Weiss
Maria and Jakob Gross
  May They All Rest In Peace 2008
Nikolaus Gergen d. 17 Dec 2007
Jakob Müller d. 27 Jan 2008
Katharina Schmal nee Maurer d. 13 Mar 2008
Franziska Petrutz nee Kresinger d. 18 May 2008
Annegret Kutschera nee Reimann d. 07 Jun 2008
Maria  Gercsenyi nee Minich d. 02 Jul 2008
Katharina Maurer nee Klein b. 01 Jun 1918, d. 09 Aug 2008
Josef Lenhardt d. 22 Nov 2008
Konrad Jochum Sr. b.29 Jul 1928, d. 29 Nov 2008

Updated 29 Dec 2008

Knees HOG announcement (15 Jan 2007):

The OSB (Ortssippenbuch, Familienbuch or Ortsfamilienbuch) for the villages of Baratzhausen, Hodon, Ketfel and Knees will be a all-in-one volume, and will be published and on sale by September 22, 2007!

Baratzhausen, Hodon and Knees will include births, marriage and deaths (1823-1900).
Ketfel will include birth, marriages and deaths (1823-1852).

Cost is uncertain at this time but will be announced at a later date.  The HOG needs to know how many OSB books should be published, so if you wish to order this book, please make contact him asap. The HOG appreciates your cooperation.

To order contact: Magdalena Lenhardt Telephone (011-49) 841-42001
Address: Stamitzstr, 14, 85057 Ingolstadt Germany - or eMail Alex Leeb

Village Coordinator

Alex Leeb

The story of my escape from Romania:
"Remember Where You Came From"

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Village Coordinator: Alex Leeb

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