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People of Karavukova

Photo Collection of Franz Schaeffer

Curator, Paula Schleis

Franz Schaeffer, who grew up in Karavukova gathered 237 photographs by riding his bike through various cities after the war.

After Franz died his wife came across a Facebook page that I belong to. She entrusted me with this treasure and I am in the middle of scanning them and identifying what I can. Maybe half of them have identities, half do not. Some appear to be in Karavukova, some appear to be in the refugee camps.

The collector's wife told me after her husband left Yugoslavia, he would ride his bike to various camps asking for pictures to preserve them. I have asked to interview the wife so I can submit a more detailed story with the photos, since I think the very act of this young man trying to preserve his hometown is worth saving and sharing.

Please help identify these unknown folks of Karavukova so we can put a name with the faces.

Check back periodically for updates.

  Paula Schleis


01. Matheis, Anna

02. Folks, Unknown

03. Woman, Unknown

04. Schwob, Fideli & Wife

05. Girl, Unknown

06. Family, Unknown

07. Ziegler, Johann & Family

08. Kehl (Girl)

09. Franz, Family

10. Girl, Unknown

11. Eddi

12. Folks, Unknown

13. Girl, Unknown

14. Pfeiffer, Resl

15. Girl, Unknown

16. Butsch, Stefan

17. Anni

18. Broder, Katharine

19. Girl, Unknown

20. Stein, Resl

21. Hermann, Leni

22. Resl,

23. Girl, Unknown 1944

24. Butsch, Resl

25. Woman Unknown

26. Folks, Unknown

27. Person, Unknown

28. Herrmann, Jacob

29. Kasper, Peter

30. Man, Unknown

31. Man, Unknown

32. Man, Unknown

33. Pfeiffer, Jakob

34. Muller, Jakob

35. Rechner, Marie

36. Girl, Unknown

37. Belt, Anni

38. Laubert, Frau

39. Laubert, Herr

40. Auer, Johann & Marie

41. Pfeiffer, Anton Eisele

42. Heigl Ignatz

43. Birli, Josef

44. Girl Toddler, Unknown

45. Men, Unknown

46. Eisele, Anton (w/accordion)

47. Lux, Anna

48. Gillmann & Kehl Families

49. Heller, Jakob

50. Knehl, Leni & boy

60. Matheis, Stefan & son Fideli

More to come . . .


[Published at DVHH.org 14 May 2017 by Jody McKim Pharr]

Last updated: 14 Mar 2017




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