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Franz Schneider
Author of the Two-Volume Deutschbentschek Family Book

Franz Schneider earned his living as a teacher, but he also dedicated a huge part of his life to gathering and compiling information for the Deutschbentschek family book.

Born in Deutschbentschek in 1926 and educated there and in Temeschburg and Bukarest, Mr. Schneider was a teacher in the Banat from 1949 until his family relocated to West Germany in 1977.  He then taught school near their new home in Düsseldorf until his retirement in 1989.

Mr. Schneider completed Volume I (1793-1852) of the Deutschbentschek family book in 2003 and, for another eight years, continued his work with Volume II (1852-2011).  After he passed away in 2012,
his family—especially his nephew Amin Müller—and HOG Deutschbentschek finished Volume II and published it in 2013.

Deutschbentschekers and their descendants will be forever grateful to Lehrer Franz Schneider
for the invaluable resource he created.

Announcement: added February 2019
Contact: Jane Moore
Subject: HOG Deutschbentschek Heimattreffen 2019

Date and Place
Saturday, August 31, 2019
Karlsruhe, Germany

More Information
Contact Wilhelm Kuhn, HOG Deutschbentschek Chair: wilhelmkuhn@web.de

Follow this link for photos and a description (in German) of the 2015 gathering in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Announcement: added February 2019
Contact: Jane Moore
Subject: 2019 Landesverband Tag der Donauschwaben USA & Canada

Hosted by a local Danube Swabian Club in America or Canada, this 3-day gathering is held every year in late August or early September. The festival attracts a large number of people of all ages.  Celebrate the food, dancing, music, and dress of our Donauschwaben ancestors.

Follow this link for a description and photos of the 2013 festivities near Detroit, Michigan, USA.


2019 Host
United Donauschwaben of Milwaukee

Date and Place
August 30-September 1, 2019
Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin, USA

More Information
See United Donauschwaben of Milwaukee Facebook page

From United Donauschwaben of Milwaukee: "More details to come! Join us in Milwaukee as all the Donauschwaben clubs from the USA and Canada get together to celebrate friendship, culture, music, food, and dance."




Announcement: added October 2010
contact: Jane Moore

An article about seven American immigrants from Deutschbentschek
and their descendants was published last month in the Purdue Alumnus.

(click image at right to view the article)
(click here to read the rest of the story)

Request: revised October 2010
contact: Jane Moore

Looking for photos taken by Stefan Schicht to add to the Stefan Schicht Photo Gallery.  Sometimes Stefan Schicht dated his photos on the front and added "S.S." after the date.
Other photos have no notes on the front, but include a description and signature on back.

Thank you for any contributions!

Request: added November 2009
Contact: Hexa-Kunigunde Klepper Kirch

I sent you an old photo that was in my parents' album.  My sister
said that in this photo are persons from Amerika.  Maybe they are Deutschbentschek relatives from my mother: Kuhn or Kolling.  Maybe
you can help?


(click photo to enlarge)


Request: added January 2009
Contact: Christian Andor

Note: Josef Andor & Marianna Andor were married in Deutschbentschek in 1913.

I am sending you some very old photos which I have from Bentschek.  [Among them is a possible] wedding picture of Josef and Marianna, but I am not certain about this. The two people in the middle are probably the witnesses. You are welcome to release these photos on the Bentschek site. Maybe someone can confirm my assumption and clarify who the two people in the middle are?!?!

Thanks and best regards from Christian

(click photo to enlarge)



Request: added January 2009
Contact: Terry Lenhardt

My grandfather, Heinrich KOLLING, was born in Deutsch Bentschek in 1894.  He had an older brother Johann born in 1890 and a younger sister Anna born in 1897.  The parents of Heinrich, J
ohann, and Anna—Johann KOLLING and Elisabeth HANDL—died the year Anna was born.  Heinrich took the surname LENHARDT and emigrated to the USA in 1910.  He listed Johann with surname FASZL as his next-of-kin in Tschakowa at that time; Johann evidently married Eleanora WILFLING in Deutschbentschek.  Their sister Anna took the surname PALIA (spelling?) and is later listed as marrying Imre JOSZT or Josef EMMERICH in 1913, possibly in Bethausen.  I'm guessing that all three of those siblings were adopted by the respective families. 

My grandfather Heinrich was reported to have said that his sister emigrated to the USA, possibly with a son.  I have been unable to find anything to confirm that, but would be grateful for any information on Anna, Johann, or any of their offspring. 

Thanks for any information the group might come across!


Request: added January 2009
Contact: Martin Bindschedler
Note: There were several Bindschedler families living in Deutschbentschek.

Good Morning!

For many years I'm researching the "Bindschedler" family and their variations. It seems their origin was Switzerland. At the end of the 17th century some family members emigrated first to Germany and later during the 18th century to the Banat and after World War 1 and World War 2 to the United States and Canada.

All informations about this families are highly appreciated. It would be nice to share my results with you.  Greetings from Switzerland.

Martin Bindschedler


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