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“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world.
In fact, it is the only thing that ever has." ~Margaret Mead

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Our volunteers are the heart of Donauschwaben Villages Helping Hands!

The DVHH Project always appreciates, and is in need of, those who can volunteer to work with us in any capacity.  Whether it be assisting with the preparation of materials to be published, answering email queries, starting a new village website, performing look ups, mentoring, serving on committees, or simply sharing your ideas.  We believe everyone has something they can offer. Come join our group of 'Helping Hands' and help us make the DVHH even more helpful to fellow researchers.


Director of Volunteer Services

Jody McKim Pharr

Being a Nonprofit Volunteer ~ A DVHH Volunteer Story

"It All Began With Sharing" By Fran Matkovich ~ Special Read on Volunteering:

To Volunteer: Check the Volunteer Registry, if your village has a registered Village Coordinator, you can still volunteer to assist, we encourage partnering.

Start today! . . .

Volunteer Forms (Opens into a new window, save the doc to your computer, open & complete the form, re-save & submit.):

DVHH Administrative Volunteer Questionnaire

All-in-one Village Coordinator & Web Hosting Application

If you have an existing 'village' website provide us the URL so we can add it to the Village Index.  Please provide a snap shot of yourself, so folks can put a face with a name.

We can provide web hosting to Registered Village Coordinators in order to publish a village website.  Use of this service is governed by the
'DVHH Web Hosting Site Acceptable Use Policy.'

The DVHH welcomes you!

Village Coordinator Simple Guidelines:

  • Helping Newbie's: We ask that requests for assistance be handled in a timely manner.  Please be patient with those asking for help and recognize their inexperience. Educating them is the most productive way to help them grow. Remember we all started at the bottom.

  • Promote your Village: DVHH Village Coordinators are required to provide the villages' German name variant (if known) and all other name variants on your village home page, to ensure people will find your site.

  • Receiving a request for research assistance:  We recommended that you ask the researcher to join our mail list and post their inquiry to the entire mail list; where you will respond back and provide the results of your findings.  This cuts down on duplicating requests, provides a broader audience, and stores the data in our Rootsweb archive.

  • Be Kind to Yourself: You are only expected to assist researchers through their research hurdles, not to build their entire tree or to be taken advantage of. 

  • Website Focus: It is required that your web site be solely focused on your village and be aligned with the goals of the DVHH, therefore any general Donauschwaben information you have be contributed to the main DVHH pages. We do recommend a designated “Family Registry" for fellow researchers of your village.

  • DVHH Logo Format & Usage: DVHH Village Coordinators are required to provide the appropriate DVHH logo on their Village Web Site and linked to www.dvhh.org.  (both are transparent).

  • DVHH Mail List Link: DVHH Village Coordinators are required to provide a link to the DONAUSCHWABEN-VILLAGES Mailing List :  https://donauschwaben-villages.groups.io/g/main

  • SUBSCRIBE to DVHH E-MAIL LIST at Groups.IO: DVHH Village Coordinators are required to subscribe to the DVHH-L mail list, respond to inquires regarding your village and participate in general, contributing ideas and sharing topics of general interest.

  • We ask that you familiarize yourself with the pages of the DVHH.org, in order to provide researchers the information we have at our website.

  • Current day politics & religion: In order to maintain the impartiality of DVHH we ask that you do not use the DVHH as a forum for political or religious debates.

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Last Updated: 26 Oct 2020

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