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Tangible Contributions

Last Updated: 03 Feb 2020

Hilderson, Barbara Donauschwäbischer Kalenders
Hussli, Andrea M Mushkazonen Cookie Mold (SOLD OUT)
Hussli, Larry Pepper Seeds from the Homeland
Koehler, Eve Eckert Newspaper articles, permission to use contents of her books.
Koehler, John Map: Treaty of Trianon Map
Martini, Eva; Martini, Adam; & Martini, Hans Martini family paid for the first DVHH Crest Banner displayed at the yearly DVHH Booth & Eva beautifully embellished it.

Michnay, Dan

My 101 year old sister recently passed away and among her effects was a share certificate in the "Banater Hall Company" dated Nov 7 1928. My first interest was in the unlikely residual value of the thing but as I went along I became aware of the Danube Swabian organization and was somewhat intrigued. 

Anyway, I have this piece of history and am wondering if anyone would be interested in it for historic of archival purposes. I would be quite glad to post it to someone who has a reason to want it; no charge.

Miller, Michael P. Early on Mike provided web development programs to our initial village coordinators to publish their village sites.
Nonnweiler, Joy Donauschwäbischer Kalenders
O'Brien, Mike Provided original web server space & assistance to many startup village web sites.
Polsinelli, Mike Legal Assistance setting up the DVHH Nonprofit Organization
Reiser, John Banat Maps Landesverband der Donauschwaben, USA & Kanada 2007
Rohr, Robert Donauschwaben Music related books
Schlesinger, John Content Contributor: Ship Data 2003-Present
Donauschwaben Crest Stickers for DVHH Membership
Topolcsanyi, George Hungarian Given Names
Wilson, Barbara Provided original copies of the Banat recipe book: 150 bestbewährte Backrezepte

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Last updated: 03 Feb 2020

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