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Last Updated: 19 Jul 2021

North American Donauschwaben obituaries honor those brave individuals and help fellow researchers in their quest. Please send your obituaries to Dennis Bauer.

and include the actual date of death, hometown in the DS region, submitter name and the newspaper name/issue date. I will abstract them (to save space, see format on the current entries) and have them posted. 

Disclaimer: Since obituaries/death notices are not primary sources of information, the DVHH is not responsible for the accuracy of the information listed.  Always check the actual death certificates when possible.

Obituary Coordinator: Dennis Bauer, PA - USA
Est. 13 May 2009 by Dennis Bauer, publication 13 May 2009 at DVHH.org by Jody McKim Pharr.


"A number of us are actively adding the names of deceased American-Donauschwaben to this data base.  The data base search is free. The search can be by cemetery and/or the deceased's name.  The information contained on those found can contain, birthdates/locations, death dates/locations, biographical notes, pictures, family links, etc.

You can also register (free) which allows you to then add names, dates and bios on those loved ones that have passed on to the applicable cemetery. Drop downs make entering the information a breeze. You can also link family members regardless of their cemetery burial location. Note: You should do a cemetery search before adding an individual so that the data is not duplicated. You can then contract the contributor if you want.

There are over 40 million records so far in the data base for cemeteries in the United States and several outside the States. This is just another resource for finding your ancestors and related individuals. You can checkout Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Hamilton, Mercer County, NJ for an example."


Last Updated: 26 Oct 2020

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