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Bruckenau was one of the first German villages in the Banat, in 1724 the first German colonization was settled.  According to the 1995 German Banat Newspaper there were only three Swabian families remaining... Werbos family, Spanhauer family and a widow Gertrude Loris who cares for the Catholic Church.

21km NNE  of Temeswar

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Village Name Variants


People Placename Country
1734 German Bruckenau Hungary
  Hungarian Hidásliget [used in passenger records] Hungary
2006 Romanian Pischia Romania

Bruckenau Catholic Church is being destroyed!

The Last of the German Village of Bruckenau by Anton Zollner (German)

German Bruckenau:

Bruckenau online (in German) by - be sure to check out his Photo album!

Memories of the Deportation (Story is in German, if you would like to translate this, it would be appreciated.)

Die Bruckenauer Blasmusik

Helmut Schlauch:

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