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Batschka Book List

Batschka Book Index researched, compiled and published at 13 Feb 2008 by Jody McKim Pharr.

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150 Jahre Bačka-Palanka: die Geschichte der deutschen Ansiedlung der drei Schwestergemeinden Palanka bis zur Gegenwart

Author: Nikolaus Hepp | Publisher: Pleeß, 1930 | Length" 171 pages

150 Years Backa-Palanka: The History of the German Settlement of the Three Sister Communities of Palanka until the Present; Stara-Palanka 1751-1930, Novo-Palanka 1767-1930, Bačka-Palanka 1780-1930 ; Dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of the Settlement of the Community of Backa-Palanka. Front Cover. Nikolaus Hepp. H. Pleess, 1930. [English translation by Lori Straus]

150 Jahre Bačka-Palanka: Die Geschichte d. Dt. Ansiedlg d. drei Schwestergemeinden Palanka bis z. Gegenwart ; Stara-Palanka 1751-1930, Novo-Palanka 1767-1930, Bačka-Palanka 1780-1930 ; Gewidm. d. 150 jähr. Jubiläumsfeier d. Ansiedlg d. Gemeinde Bačka-Palanka. Front Cover. Nikolaus Hepp. H. Pleess, 1930



A Pebble in my Shoe

Author: Katherine Hoeger-Flotz

This book is similar to the Gakowa Memories but much more detailed.  It also contains the story of her husband, George, whose family left their town Bezdan in Oct. 1944 before the camps started.  His story is just as interesting as Katherine's.

A Terrible Revenge

Author: Alfred-Maurice de Zayas, Charles M. Barber

The Ethnic Cleansing of the East European Germans, 1944-1950.  The tragedy of the largest ethnic-cleansing event in history.  Heimat Publishers, contact Frank Schmidt


AVNOJ-Regulations & the Genocide of the Germans in Yugoslavia between 1944 -1948

Author: AVNOJ (Antifašističko V(ij)eće Narodnog Oslobođenja Jugoslavije), standing for "Anti-Fascist Council of National Liberation of Yugoslavia", was the political umbrella organization for the people's liberation committees that was established on November 26, 1942 to administer territories under their control. It was under the political leadership of the main resistance forces of Yugoslavia, during the Axis occupation of World War II.


Barefoot in the Rubble

Author: Elizabeth B. Walter

Ethnic Cleansing Post WWII. A Story of Courage.  The author's remembrances during life in her home village of Karlsdorf and later Rudolfsgnad, her family's life under the Partisans, and later trying to rebuild their lives in a bombed out Germany. 



Author: Josef Schramm

(Translated into English by Brad Schwebler)

Between Hitler & Tito - Disappearance of the Ethnic Germans from the Vojvodina

Author: Dr. Zoran Janjetovic,  w/Institute For Recent History of Serbia

Purchase book via: Public Affairs Office, University of Mary, 7500 University Drive, Bismarck, ND 58504. It is $25 and will be sent to you from Belgrade (4-6 weeks).

Bread on My Mother's Table: A Danube Swabian Remembers"

Author: Ingrid Andor

Ingrid's mother's family was from Kruschiwl, Yugoslavia in the Batschka. A Danube Swabian Remembers examines the effects of the hidden genocide that occurred at the end of World War II in which a family of ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia was condemned to be victims of expulsion, ethnic cleansing, and forced labor in concentration camps at the hands of Russian and partisan soldiers. Read more . . . - Broken Link Jun 2012
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated, Pub. Jan 2008, ISBN-13: 9780595466726, 192pp.



Die Donauschwaben, Bild eines Kolonistenvokes

Author: Gauss and Weidenheim

Die Donauschwaben


Die Donau Schwaben

Author: Ingomar Senz

Book (Illustrated), 240 pages, Publisher Langen Müller, München, 1994. ISBN: 3784425224

Die Nicht Sterben Wollten

Author: Anton Scherer

Donauschwaben Literatur von Lenau bis zur Gegenwart Ein Buch vom Leben der Deutschen und ihrer Nachbarn in Südosteuropa. 1959, Pannonia-Verlag Freilassing (publisher). A book about the life of the Germans and their neighbors in south-eastern Europe.)

Donauschwabische Geschichte

Authors: Ingomar Senz, Rudolf Fath, Friedrich Fathas

Language: German, Publication Date: 1997. ISBN: 3800413477

Donauschwäbische Lebensformen an der Mittleren Donau

Author: Hans Gehl

Marburg, Elwert Verlag 2003 ISBN 3-7708-1228-X; 2003 - 330 pages, 19 Abb., 7 maps.

Donauschwäbisches Ortsnamenbuch für die ehemals und teilweise noch deutsch besiedelten Orte in Ungarn, Jugoslawien (ohne Slowenien) sowie West-Rumänien (Banat und Sathmar).

Authors: Isabella Regenyi and Anton Scherer

Title Translation: Danube-Swabian Place Name Book for those formerly and partly still German places in Hungary, Yugoslavia (without Slovenia) and West Romania (Banat and Sathmar).  Language: German.  Publication Date: 1980.  188 S.+12 Karten. (15:21) Kstf. = SchrR zur donauschwäbischen Herkunftsforschung Euro 22,00


Es War Einmal - The Yesteryears of the Danube Swabians

Author: Sister Mary Agnes Theiszmann Pitzer

A historical novel, in English. 269 pp. including 24 black/white photos by renowned Danube Swabian painter Stefan Jäger. I-SBN 0-9699880-0-1 National Library.  © Heimat Publishers, contact Frank Schmidt - note: as of 3/16/06 Frank has six copies of this book left and could likely get some more from Sister Mary Agnes.

Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth-Century Europe

Author: Steven Bela Vardy and T. Hunt Tooley

© Eastern European Monographs Series. Boulder: Columbia University Press, 2003. xiv + 861 pp. Maps, notes, tables, documents, some individual bibliographies. ISBN 0-8803-3995-0.  This volume is the result of the conference on Ethnic Cleansing in Twentieth Century Europe held at Duquesne University in November 2000. The conference brought together sixty scholars, primarily historians but also specialists in other fields, as well as survivors of ethnic cleansing from seven different countries who presented forty-eight papers.

Exploring French, German & Spanish

Author: Jacob Steigerwald

Eva's War

Author: Eva Krutein, Adela Amador, Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

A True Story of Survival.


German Chicago The Danube Swabians & The American Aid Society

Author: Raymond Lohne

& The Great Chicago Refugee Rescue  ISBN: 0738500208

Genocide of the Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia 1944-1948

Foreword by Alfred de Zayas

Published by Danube Swabian Association of the U.S.A., Inc., Santa Ana, California USA. Licensed by the Donauschwabische Kulturstiftung - Munchen, Germany. Copyright 2001 by Danube Swabian Association of the U.S.A. Printed by Award Printing Corp., Chicago, IL. ISBN: 0-9710341-0-9

German-Hungarian Relations & and The Swabian Problem, From Karolyi to Gombos, 1919-1936

Author: Thomas Spira

© 1977 [East European monographs] ISBN: 0914710184



Author: Rosina Lippi

A novel about life in an imaginary small Austrian village just across the border from Germany, showing everyday life during WW1 and WW2. Although it deals with an imaginary village and imaginary people, their lives are based on historic reality of life in that area at that time. Winner of the Pen/Hemingway Award and the Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association Award. A good read and very informative.


In Search of a Warm Room

Author: Anne Jung Holden

An unforgettable story of her family's life as ethnic Germans in pre-WWII Yugoslavia. This story of exile and suffering in Yugoslavia toward the end of World War II attests to the fact that Jews were not the only ethnic group targeted during the war. Publisher: Warren Publishing (NC) 2002. ISBN: 1886057834

In the Claws of the Red Dragon

Author: Father Wendelin Gruber

An account of his experiences and observations at the hands of Tito's Partisans in Yugoslavia from 1944-48, regarding the murder of 200,000 Banat Swabian civilians in Serbia.  Translated by Frank Schmidt.  ISBN: 0969350406 OCLC: 20995599. Heimat Publishers, contact Frank Schmidt


Kochbuch der Donauschwaben

Author: Magda Waigand

Cookbook of the Danube Swabians Self-published, 1970


Landsmannschaft der Donauschwaben in Oberösterreich


Landsmannschaft der Donauschwaben in Oberösterreich (Hrsg.). 60 Jahre Donauschwaben in Oberösterreich 1944-2004. Erstellt von Oskar Feldtänzer und Georg Wildmann. 110 S.  Flucht , Ankunft, Seßhaftmachung und Integration der Donauschwaben in Oberösterreich.


Nemesis At Potsdam

Author: Alfred-Maurice de Zayas

The expulsion of the Germans from the East following World War II,  3rd Edition.


Profile of an Americanized Danube Swabian Ethnically Cleansed under Tito

Author: Jacob Steigerwald

See: Reviews



Seven Susannah's, daughters of the Danube

Author: Eve Eckert Koehler

Published: 1976 by Danube Swabian Societies of the United States and Canada, Unknown Binding, 86 pgs



The Danube Germans

Author: Eve Koehler


The Danube Swabians: A People with Portable Roots

Author: Katherine Stenger-Frey 

A history of the origins of the Danube Swabians and their immigration to Canada. Mika Publishing Company Belleville Ontario 1982; 172 pages. soft cover (out of print)
ISBN 0919303617


The Danube Swabians: Biography of a People from Inception to Dispersal

Author: Michael Bresser


The Danube-Swabians in the Pannonian Basin, A new German Ethnic Group

Author: Anton Tafferner, Josef Schmidt, and Josef Volkmar Senz

The Last Generation Forgotten and Left to Die:
The History of the Danube Swabians

Author: Hans Kopp

Hilde Neumayer (Illustrator), Peter Sartschevs (Photographer). 394 pages, maps, soft cover. Publication Date: January 2003. ISBN: 0970110901, English & German.

This book is like a Danube Swabian "all region" reference book.  Chocked full of data and photos, you will not want to put it down.  Hans wrote "The book is written for you and the generations which were denied the opportunity to learn more about their culture." 


Unser Dorf, Unser Leben, Unser Jarek - "our village, our life, our Jarek"

Author: Michael Schmidt

[Village book & map] Schulstr 1, 68542 Heddesheim


Unserer Hande Arbeit: 200 Berufe Der Donauschwaben Aus Der BATSCHKA (German)

Author: Konrad Gerescher

"The work of our hands": 200 occupations that Danube Swabians a from the BATSCHKA" Author: Konrad Gerescher (Language: German) 103 pages. Publisher: Gauke 1981. ISBN: 3879980403


Valley of the Shadow: After the Turmoil, My Heart Cries No More

Author: Erich Anton Helfert and Donald S. Ellis

Ethnic Cleansing Post WWII - A Story of Courage, centers on the Sudetenland, where the native German-speaking population.


Von Der Abschiedsgasse Bis Zum "Zwolfhaus"

Author: Anton Peter Petri

Die Gassennamen in Den Ehemaligen Deutschen Siedlungen Der Batschka, Bosniens, der Jugoslawischen Baranya, Kroatiens, Slawoniens Und Syrmiens. Versuch Einer Sammlung Und Sichtung. München 1980, 168 pages.  Publisher: Verlag des Südostdeutschen Kulturwerks.  EAN: 9783883560069, ISBN: 3883560065


The War of Our Childhood: Memories of World War II

Author: Wolfgang W. E. Samuel

ISBN: 1578064821


Who Are the Donauschwaben?

Author: Eve Koehler


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