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1828 Hungarian Census for Baraczháza (Baratzhausen)
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Deaths 1871-1897  Knees - Hodon - Baratzhausen

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Births, Marriage and Deaths - microfilms: from 1823-1897
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Gunhild Christian, Dietmar Giel: Familienbuch der katholischen Pfarrgemeinde Knees im Banat, 1797-1898 und ihrer Filialen Hodon, Baratzhausen und Ketfel 845 S., (2007), Format A5, Preis: 35,-Euro. Bezug: Magdalena Lenhardt, Stamitzstr. 14, 85057 Ingolstadt 

Researcher Registry
Surnames   Researcher
Elisabetha Dix, b. in Baratzhausen, died on 11.1.1879, in Baratzhausen, at the age of 2. parents, Vendelinus Tix and Magdalina Moritz, priest, Paulus Nagy.
  Barbara Hilderson
Peter Ritter burgermeister of Baratzhausen, Banat Province, Hungary, probably sometime between 1910 and 1922. He was also the Justice of the Peace and local butcher.  He was married twice but the maiden names of his wives are unknown. With his first wife he had my grandfather, Johann Gesa, born in Feb.1888.  With his second wife he had another son Gesa and a daughter Katerina. Gesa served in the Austro-Hungarian Army during WWI and possibly achieved the rank of Feldwebel(sargent). Also, my grandfather indicated that originally there was a "von" associated with the name Ritter, but that he dropped it when he arrived in the USA in 1907.   Joe Ritter
Klingler Peter -
* 1851 in Baratzhausen, Banat
+ 1892 in Baratzhausen.
oo-Elisabeth Reiner (Knees)
* 1852 + 1935

Klingler Maria - * 1875-+1875
Klingler Frank - * 1877-+ ??
Klingler Dominik - *1881- +1968
Klingler Barbar - * 1884-(Temesvar) + 1983, (Munster, Sask. CA)

  George Klingler &
Della Lewis
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